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The State of SMB Cybersecurity in 2021
It’s 2:00am and your customers are awake and worried about cybersecurity. Your job: Help them sleep easier. With insights from The State of SMB Cybersecurity in 2021 report, you’ll know precisely how to build out your cybersecurity practice.
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Predictably Profitable: Budgeting & Forecasting
High-performing MSPs have mastered the art of setting, managing, and meeting their budgets—and yours can too. Watch our webinar to take your budget management and forecasting acumen to the next level.
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Work/Life Balance: Can You Have it All?
We all want our businesses to grow and succeed – but not at the risk of ignoring our personal lives. Fortunately, you can learn to manage tensions between your work life and personal life.
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Business Growth
Art of the Cybersecurity Assessment: Part 2
Craft assessments that encourage customers to prioritize the security protections they need now and plot a course for future purchases.
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Best-in-Class Marketing & Sales Model
Make sure your sales and marketing model has what it takes to help your business achieve high-level, organic revenue growth.
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ConnectWise Cybersecurity Partner Program
Cut through the confusion and chaos of cybersecurity with the all-new ConnectWise Cybersecurity Partner Program. Learn about what you can expect from the program, how ConnectWise is by your side during your journey, and how we’ll work together toward your cybersecurity success.
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Building Relationship Capital With Your Clients to Gain More Business
Invest in your client relationships the same way you do for your tools, processes, and people, and you’ll enjoy the dividends.
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Customer Experience
Scaling with Cybersecurity: Grow your business not your headcount
Ambitious goals call for ambitious planning. Watch our partner spotlight webinar with Francis West of Westtek Solutions to learn how he plans to protect one million people with Westtek’s cybersecurity services by 2023.