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What’s New with ConnectWise RMM and ConnectWise Recover
Our team of RMM and BDR experts go through the new release of ConnectWise RMM and upcoming ConnectWise Recover release. Learn about product innovations, upcoming releases, and the tangible benefits for your business.
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Product Tips & Updates
Sales Process Improvement for Owner-Led and Small Sales Teams
Join Don Gulling, CEO of Verteks Consulting, and Topher Barrow, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ConnectWise, for an educational discussion on best practices to establish a sales engine and hire your first sales rep.
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Sales & Marketing
Mergers and Acquisitions: A Matchmaking Process for MSPs
If you’re an MSP making $1M to $3M and looking to do your first deal, this webinar is for you. We’ll bring together a panel of experts to demystify the process and mitigate the intimidation factor.
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Business Continuity
How to Successfully Sell Cybersecurity
As the need for more and better cybersecurity grows, the market can’t keep up with demand, and many businesses face a tough challenge: a shortage of qualified cybersecurity talent. The ConnectWise Partner Program is here to fill that gap
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Pricing and Packaging Cybersecurity
How do you package and price your cybersecurity solutions? This is a question all MSPs struggle with regardless of whether they’re just starting to sell cybersecurity services or are restructuring their offerings.
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Your Manual Billing Process Is Hitting More than Your Bottom Line
Learn how automating your billing process can Improve your customers’ experience and increase your cash flow.
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What’s New on Our Product Roadmap
To kickoff the product innovation webinar series, we reviewed our refreshed roadmap in the context of our commitment to deliver “More Innovation, Faster” to our partners. This webinar highlights several exciting new and upcoming innovations and answers partner questions.
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Product Tips & Updates
A Day in the Life of the ConnectWise SOC
Ever wondered what happens with the SOC team when a cybersecurity incident occurs? We’ve got you covered in this webinar as the ConnectWise SOC team shares the ins and outs of how certified security analysts with cutting-edge threat intelligence work!
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