ConnectWise SaaS Security™ and ConnectWise SaaS Security™ Essentials

Improve visibility and protect platforms, data, and operations in all Microsoft 365 environments

Offer a fully managed security monitoring and investigation of security incidents for Microsoft SaaS services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure AD, and Microsoft OneDrive. ConnectWise SaaS Security gives you the power to lockdown your clients’ cloud data to help keep them secure.

ConnectWise SaaS Security

Automated threat detection and response

Purpose-built security for MSPs with automated threat detection and response helps protect against Microsoft 365 cloud-based application threats.

Multi-tenant, MSP-focused platform

Gain visibility into security threat activity and management for all clients, a single client, or a group of clients.

Protect Microsoft 365 environments

Scalable, flexible SaaS solution easily onboards Microsoft 365 accounts, reduces operational burdens, and improves client security.

ConnectWise SaaS Security Essentials

Simplified solution delivers full-power security

Affordable and advanced SaaS security with automated alerting and ticketing monitors your Microsoft 365 environment without significant investment, cost, or cyber-specific expertise.

Self-managed, enterprise-grade security solution

Better visibility, detection, and alerting enables improved client monitoring and MSP remediation on day one without complex configuration.

Automation streamlines threat management

ConnectWise Asio integration enables automated ticketing so you can quickly and confidently respond to suspicious activity without constantly monitoring dashboards.

Take your security beyond antivirus and firewalls

See how ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management leverages advanced threat detection, monitoring, and a 24/7 global SOC to prepare your TSP for whatever threats come your way.

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