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Refer a Friend to ConnectWise!

It Pays to Refer Your Friends

The greatest compliment we could receive as a company is to be referred by our valued partners. We are on a mission to accelerate the growth of our unrivaled partner community and we need your help! To help ignite our vision, every partner who refers a friend as a first-time, new purchaser of a ConnectWise product can earn up to $3,500*.

How Does the ConnectWise Partner Referral Program Work?

Step 1

Fill out the ‘Refer a Friend’ form below.

Step 2

We’ll contact your friend and show them all the things you love about ConnectWise and our products!

Step 3

You get rewarded! For every qualified friend you refer that becomes a partner, you are eligible to receive up to $3500*.


Easy Money is a Few Clicks Away

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, participation in this program is limited to ConnectWise partners and prospects in the United States and Canada only. Submissions containing participants (referring party or referred party) outside the United States and Canada are not eligible.

Eligible referrals include any individual at an organization that is not currently a customer of ConnectWise or its affiliates; is not actively being pursued as a prospective customer by ConnectWise; is not a distributor or third-party sales agent;  is not a government, public sector, or education end-user; and is not a customer that will be reimbursed for the purchase under a government healthcare program.

Our team will reach out to your referral as soon as possible to confirm their eligibility and their interest in ConnectWise products and services. If they agree to move forward, we’ll work with them to determine the right solutions for their organization.

In the event a referral fee is earned, the referral fee is earned by you (i.e., the individual who submitted the referral’s contact information) and will be paid directly to you in your capacity as an individual.

You will receive your referral fee within 30 days after your referral has signed an agreement with ConnectWise and made their first invoice payment.

We will provide you with the requisite tax form(s) to complete as soon as your referral signs an agreement with ConnectWise. Please note, we will need to have your completed tax form(s) on file prior to disbursing your funds.

We will send you an email with a MasterCard gift card link. You will be able to click this link to add the referral fee funds to a personal digital wallet. The funds will be disbursed in your local currency.

Each referral fee you earn will range between $500 to $3,500 USD (or local currency equivalent), depending on the scope of the agreement your referral signs with ConnectWise. To earn a referral fee, your referral’s agreement with ConnectWise must have a minimum contract value of $2,500 USD, excluding taxes. The referral fee tiers are listed on the Terms and Conditions page.

No, there is not a limit on how many referrals you can submit or the cumulative amount of referral fees you can earn through this program. As long as each referral you submit signs an agreement with ConnectWise and meets all of the program’s eligibility requirements as described in the Terms and Conditions, you will be eligible to earn a referral fee.

No – you, your current organization, and any subsidiaries of your current organization are not eligible referrals in the context of this program.