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Consolidate your security stack to cut costs and complexity

Get insights from the only cyber research team dedicated to MSPs

Choose the team that not only reports incidents, but provides incident response

Resources to market, sell, and support your cyber and data protection offering

Access 24/7 monitoring and response from 200+ security experts and analysts

Check the boxes for your MSP to qualify for cybersecurity insurance

Support from staff trained in the intricacies of MSP business needs

Visibility across all of the cyber solutions you use, ConnectWise or not

Give your clients what they need to qualify for cybersecurity insurance

Now is the time to act when it comes to cyber

You are the frontline for cyber attacks

Your clients are the first and primary targets of cyberattacks. Especially phishing and stolen credential attacks. Your clients need to know they’re safe.

Cyber insurance is top of mind

Cybersecurity insurance providers are converging on a long list of requirements to qualify and pay out in the event of an incident. We help meet these requirements.

Expensive and complex offerings

We can help you keep up with trends, know which products and services to offer, sell and price your packages, and recruit and retain security talent.

Consolidate your stack and increase revenue with ConnectWise Cybersecurity and Data Protection solutions

Advanced cybersecurity and data protection are a necessity for all businesses. But most SMBs can’t manage this in-house, and many MSPs still haven’t figured out how to meet the demand. This is your opportunity to differentiate and scale.

Say goodbye to scattered security solutions and hello to a powerful portfolio of cybersecurity products that will take your business to new heights. Our lineup includes everything you need to keep your clients’ data safe and profits growing. Consolidate your stack and let our cybersecurity solutions supercharge your business!

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Fully managed EDR solution that combines advanced security technology and expertise.


Single-pane visibility by consolidating log data, analysis, and compliance reporting to quickly identify, investigate, and resolve.

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Access Management

Elevated access with endpoint-based privilege controls reduces risk without the aggravation of zero trust.

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MDR for Microsoft 365

Safeguard your clients’ Microsoft 365 environment without needing to hire additional staff.

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Co-Managed SIEM

Our SIEM with 24/7 access to 200+ security operations center analysts specializing in MSP monitoring.

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Use internal private applications and the internet without the fear of infecting devices.

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Vulnerability Management

Continuously scan endpoints for vulnerability prioritization and management.

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Backup Monitoring and Management

Remove blind spots across multiple backup solutions by monitoring and managing your entire backup ecosystem for any backup vendor.

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SaaS Backup

Unified portal to secure client cloud app data in Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

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Co-Managed Backup

Backup and recovery services with 24/7 access to certified NOC technicians with deep expertise in MSP businesses.

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Members of the Partner Program generated over $75M in cybersecurity revenue.

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