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Software and support solutions to protect your clients’ critical business assets

Cybersecurity asset management & network security monitoring tools

ConnectWise offers a versatile, powerful suite of cybersecurity management and monitoring tools to support your business.

Whether starting from scratch, fortifying your exisiting teams and systems, or looking to add cybersecurity as a new revenue stream - we have tailor-made solutions for you.

Cybersecurity Software

EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

Identify, contain, and stop malicious activity on endpoints.

Hackers often use lateral movement from endpoint-to-endpoint to reach crown jewel assets. Perceived as “normal” user activity by many security tools, their malicious presence isn’t detected until it’s too late.

Successful defense of your clients against this attack technique requires continuous monitoring of their endpoints for suspicious activity that may indicate an attack in process.

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SIEM (Security Info and Event Management)

Centralize threat visibility and analysis, backed by cutting-edge threat intelligence. Powered by Perch.

Detection of threats lurking in the shadows requires visibility and understanding of the massive sets of log data organizations constantly generate. What’s normal? What’s anomalous and in need of investigation?

Finding needles in the haystack requires easy and automated log ingestion and analysis for detection of threats—across all clients—backed by 24/7 SOC experts

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Risk Assessment & Dark Web Monitoring

Identify and remediate unknown cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Find attack surface and any hidden vulnerabilities that expose you and/or your clients to cyber threats.  Start conversation with your clients backed by solid data. 

Security risk assessments help clients quickly identify security gaps. Armed with new insights, you’ll guide your clients’ remediation actions and prioritize preemptive measures to harden their environments ongoing.

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Cloud App Security

Monitor and manage security risk for Microsoft Office 365.

Many organizations create and share mission critical documents within Office 365, making it a choice target for hackers.

Like malicious activity on endpoints that often goes undetected as “normal” users at work, it’s critical to monitor Office 365 use for anomalous behavior that may indicate an attack in process and provide proper investigative response.

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Expert Services & Policy Management

Expert Services - SOC

Provide 24/7 threat monitoring and response backed by ConnectWise SOC experts.

Keeping pace with the grind of system alerts can burnout the best of staff. As the noise builds and response is stretched thin, the defense your clients depend on becomes vulnerable to failure.

As an extension of your team, SOC expert security analysts, combined with cutting-edge threat intelligence, will manage all your security monitoring—24/7.

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Security Policy Management

Create, deploy, and manage client security policies and profiles.

Good client security (and compliance) begins with good security policies. Many organizations need help building and enforcing the right policies for their business needs.

Using best practices, you’ll guide your clients’ development of user profiles and risk scoring to establish the right security strategy and monitor ongoing to close security gaps.

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Join the ConnectWise Cybersecurity Partner Program

Your journey to successful cybersecurity management begins here.

Cyberattacks are evolving rapidly, and every day there’s news of a new breach. You can’t wait until you or a client falls victim.

The ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity helps partners who have already started using basic or advanced cybersecurity management measures. It gives you additional support, so you keep your customers and your business safer, as well as develop a new cybersecurity-based revenue stream.

Whether you’re just beginning, jump-starting a stalled effort, or accelerating a mature practice, ConnectWise and the IT Nation community are here to help.

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