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Focus on strategic goals, not repetitive tasks with ConnectWise RPA™

Automation purpose-built for TSPs

Why you will love ConnectWise RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) uses software robots to automate individual, repetitive tasks that normally require human access. RPA bots can mimic human actions such as button clicks, text box fills, and file path updates. 

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Do more with less

Automation is a game-changer for small businesses. About 88% of TSPs say automation lets them compete with larger companies and save up to $46,000 per year on average.

We’ve built RPA bots to replicate common TSP tasks without human intervention, freeing up your tech teams to focus on projects that drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction. 

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Trigger RPA actions in ConnectWise PSA™

Kick-off automations directly in PSA tickets, allowing your team to leverage powerful automation from where they’re already working. 

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RPA + Asio = Success

Using RPA with the powerful workflow engine in Asio drives efficiency gains across all your integrated products, not just ConnectWise products. 

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Grow your business and keep your team happy

Did you know that up to 50% of work can be automated?* It's true! And with 94% of people in the workforce performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, it's no wonder that manual processes can harm business operations.  

With ConnectWise RPA, you can drastically enhance both the productivity and satisfaction of your team. In fact, 66% of knowledge workers say that automation has helped them be more productive, and 90% say that automation has improved their lives in the workplace. Now it’s your turn to achieve more with automation.

"As MSPs continue to transition away from a distribution-driven world to one driven by marketplace subscriptions and cloud platforms, we are besieged with an abundance of information as well as user requests. This problem can no longer be affordably solved with human horsepower. Instead, we must invest in tools that go beyond scheduled or triggered scripts. We must evolve and leverage workflows and robotic processes that automate these tasks with logic and intelligence. The introduction of ConnectWise RPA and workflow signals their intent to again be the leaders of the next great transformation in managed services. We are using them right now, and we are rewriting and streamlining processes as a result. And we are just getting started!" 

—Rick Harber, Founder & CEO of Decision Digital 

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