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4 min read
Colleague Spotlight: Celebrating Pride Month
Pride Month is right around the corner! Read the blog to hear what our ConnectWise colleagues have to say about Pride Month and what it means to them.
Life at ConnectWise
3 min read
Fight alert fatigue and tech utilization issues with ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup™
Managing and monitoring data for multiple clients can be quite a feat. Read the blog to learn how to effectively manage alert fatigue and tech utilization.
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Business Continuity
7 min read
The future of unified endpoint management
Increased client demands on MSPs over time have led to streamlined endpoint management, indicating a push for more innovative Unified Monitoring and Management solutions moving forward. Learn how we're rethinking the endpoint management mindset.
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Company Updates
4 min read
IT asset management: 10 best practices for success
With the right IT asset management strategies, you can streamline your operations, reduce risk, and make smarter decisions for your MSP.
Operational Maturity
Volt Typhoon and Recent CW SIEM Updates
Microsoft released a report detailing the events of a Chinese APT group dubbed Volt Typhoon gaining access to victims through Fortinet FortiGuard devices. The CRU has been threat hunting on these observables for any additional details we can find. 
Threat Report
Business continuity vs. disaster recovery
MSPs must know the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery to help clients navigate technology disruptions that can lead to downtime and data loss.
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Business Continuity
5 min read
Risk-based vulnerability management—what you need to know
With security threats on the rise, it's important for MSPs to stay proactive and protect their networks from potential vulnerabilities. See how implementing effective risk-based vulnerability management programs can help you mitigate cyber risks and protect critical business assets.
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5 min read
Getting more out of your tech with IT asset management
The goal of IT asset management is to optimize the use of an organization’s hardware and software in a holistic fashion. Learn more below.
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