The ConnectWise Automate Advantage

This blog was originally published on 12/14/2018 and updated on 09/23/2019 ConnectWise Automate will likely be the most versatile, flexible, and powerful RMM platform you will ever find—if you give it a chance. Remote monitoring and management (RMM...

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4 Time-Saving Tips for Qualifying Leads

Anyone who’s ever worked in sales has inevitably encountered this scenario:

You spend time and energy working on a lead. You nurture their interests, prepare them to make a decision in your favor, only to have the lead go ice cold. There a...

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Why You Shouldn’t Share Security Risk

There are some things in life that would be unfathomable to share. Your toothbrush, for example. We need to adopt the same clear distinction with cybersecurity risk ownership as we do with our toothbrush.

You value sharing as a good charac...

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Dear VAR, You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Have you felt like you’re on an island going through unique problems that no one else understands? Maybe you want to move from a product-centric model to start adding recurring revenue, or perhaps you’re struggling to make your service offerings p...

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Understand the Language of Cybersecurity

When you get started working around cybersecurity, it can sound like people are speaking a foreign language. Like most of the IT industry, cybersecurity has a language of its own. We’ve all become familiar with the basic security terms and aspects...

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