What Do I Do When Customers Can’t Pay?

Businesses across the globe are hurting to some degree with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some, like grocery stores and disinfectant producers, are hurting due to increased demand for their products and services, but their supply chain is u...

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The Importance of Customer Retention

As the year progresses, and so does the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all shifting our priorities and goals for 2020. While customer acquisition is still part of the picture, customer retention is becoming our primary focus.

Customer reten...

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How to Scale During a Hiring Freeze

During the lifetime of your business, chances are that you will go through a period where you have to enact a hiring freeze. Whether this is due to a global crisis (like the COVID-19 pandemic), an economic recession, or other unforeseen circumstan...

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Leading Strong In Times of Crisis

Today I share my thoughts on how to lead strong in times of crisis. I hope this is helpful for you, especially if you have been struggling in the face of COVID-19. I’ve been in business now for over 42 years, and have exp...

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