ConnectWise SIEM™

Focus cybersecurity data streams to enable enterprise-wide visibility, real-time threat detection, and simplified compliance reporting

Consolidate and correlate cybersecurity data to improve coverage, detection, and compliance

Cybersecurity teams manage large amounts of data generated at high speeds from sources across their IT landscape. And as the type, frequency, and severity of threats intensify, detecting incidents becomes more difficult. Without ways to centralize and retain data, analyze it at scale, and provide meaningful context to events, many threats go unnoticed, exposing organizations to regulatory fines and possible attacks.

ConnectWise SIEM breaks down data silos to consolidate log data from all endpoints, networks, apps, and the cloud including Microsoft 365 for improved single-pane visibility. With advanced correlation and real-time alerting, analysts can quickly and effectively identify, investigate, and address high-priority threats.

Our single platform offers TSPs choice and flexibility to meet client security needs. ConnectWise SIEM gives your team the autonomy and control to manage workflows, drive decisions, and take action. Backed by proprietary threat research and intelligence and certified cyber experts, ConnectWise Co-Managed SIEM™ offers enterprise-grade, 24/7 managed detection and response that's profitable and easy to sell without the challenges of building and maintaining your own SOC.

SIEM security, your way

ConnectWise offers a wide selection of SIEM customization options, so you have the freedom to choose what works best for your business.

Leverage the ConnectWise SOC, or use your own

Flexible 30-, 90-, and 365-day log options

Service-level objectives (SLOs) to meet your needs

Enhance network visibility, threat detection, and compliance reporting

More data-driven decisions

Fully leverage data and streamline workflows in a purpose-built, multi-tenant MSP-focused platform.

Stronger, extended cybersecurity posture

Improve visibility, detection speed, and accuracy with less fatigue and fewer false positives.

Rapid and effective threat detection

Real-time alerting and workflows stop suspicious activities and overlooked incidents from escalating into serious attacks.

Efficient incident management

Streamlines responses to help your teams take quick and effective action to detect threats and minimize.

On-demand compliance reporting and auditing

Simplifies requirements for cyber insurance, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, and CMMC (NIST 800-171) to save time, address violations early, and avoid penalties.

Integrated alerts, ticketing, and response

ConnectWise PSA™ and ConnectWise Automate™ provide real-time notifications, automated ticketing, and incident response on a single platform.

Microsoft 365 integrations, monitoring, and alerting

Multiple dashboards support alerting and incident response for your entire Microsoft 365 environment.

In-region log data storage

Provides data residency for personal information within SIEM log files to meet GDPR and other privacy and security laws.

Enhanced alerting and event chaining

Group individual events and patterns into single, high-fidelity alerts for threats that may otherwise be ignored.

"With ConnectWise, we've reduced false alarms by 75%. We wanted alerts to be actionable. Our customers like the improved process too: They're not getting bombarded with tons of alerts and only receive the ones that require their attention."

Hear from the Experts: SIEM Benefits for MSPs

Discover how SIEM can streamline the cybersecurity of your organization without additional full-time employees or complex implementations.

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ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit

Comprised of seasoned cybersecurity professionals with deep engineering, IT administration, cybersecurity operations, and incident response expertise, our SOC works closely with the CRU for real-time threat management.

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