Choosing the Right SIEM Solution for Your Cybersecurity Practice

Many feel that SIEM is a complex mystery, but it doesn’t have to be. The simplest definition: SIEM combines security information management and security event management (SI + SE = SIEM) to detect potential vulnerabilities and threats. In a nutshell, it can add more layers of security beyond the firewall and antivirus permitter, reducing cybersecurity risks for you and your clients. Bonus: Adding a SIEM tool can also mean creating a new service offering and more revenue.   

This eBook covers the basics of SIEM and the steps you can take to add this enterprise-level tool to your service offerings. You’ll learn: 

  • What SIEM is 
  • Why SIEM is important for MSPs  
  • What MSPs should look for in a SIEM   
  • How to prepare to launch your SIEM offering  

Reduce risk with SIEM