M&A Insights: Accelerating growth through M&A

The number of MSPs seeking a way to elevate their businesses to new heights through M&A continues to rise each year to a degree that compels us to ask: What continues to drive the surge in MSP M&A for strategic growth, and are there best practices for M&A success?

Join us to learn from industry experts as they delve into the latest insights and trends shaping the MSP M&A landscape in 2023 including what is being seen in valuations. You’ll gain knowledge and insights into M&A that will allow you to make informed decisions whether you are a buyer or seller.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • M&A activity and valuations: What’s happening in the market now and the outlook for the rest of the year
  • Five ways to increase your valuation
  • What drives successful acquisitions; why others fail
  • Tips on what to think about as seller
  • Geographic differences in M&A


Peter Kujawa

VP & GM, Service Leadership Incorporated

Abraham Garver

Managing Director & MSP Team Leader, FOCUS Investment Banking

Nicholas Ashford

Partner, Fordhouse, a UK Private Equity Firm