Getting to Goal: Putting your Value Creation Strategy into Action

The next step after developing your value creation strategy is to develop a plan to operationalize it. Join Brad Schow, the VP of Business Transformation Evangelist Growth at ConnectWise, as he reviews how to create a value creation strategy that enables you to meet or exceed your target. We'll explore:

  • How to break down your value creation strategy
  • The levers you can control
  • How to create a one-year plan that you can operationalize
  • How to apply the Rule of 78 for monthly recurring revenue sales calculations
  • How to use your sales plan as a leading indicator for service workload and hiring

If you haven’t already done so, watch the prior webinar in this series on creating your value creation strategy as it directly ties into this session: Getting to Goal: Knowing your Value Creation Strategy.


Brad Schow

VP, Business Transformation Evangelist Growth, ConnectWise

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