Navigating Windows Server 2012 end-of-life with ConnectWise and Arrow

Cloud infrastructure offers organizations a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective way compared to traditional on-premise solutions. By moving clients’ IT infrastructure to the cloud, managed service providers (MSPs) can help clients reduce capital expenditures and increase operational efficiency.  

In this webinar, we will discuss how the end of life (EOL) of the Microsoft 2012 server gives MSPs the opportunity to start having conversations about cloud migration with their clients. Learn the importance of cloud migration, including:  

  • The severe risk of compromised security if your customers do nothing about their old equipment 
  • How Arrow can assist you through this digital EOL journey 
  • How ConnectWise can help you manage your cloud business 
  • An introduction to Microsoft Windows Server 2022 
  • How to grow cloud infrastructure (Azure) business 


Sam Demulling

Sam Demulling

VP, Product Management, ConnectWise

Scott Nelsen

Sales Director, Arrow Electronics

Jeramey James

Director, ArrowSphere

Embrace the cloud to grow your business