The Latest in Infosec Training from ConnectWise

If you’re an MSP struggling to find qualified, talented engineers who have strong cybersecurity skills, chances are you’re looking to upskill and raise employee awareness through reliable security training.

Join this webinar to learn more about the latest in infosec training for MSPs from Raffael Marty, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Cybersecurity at ConnectWise, and John Strand, Owner and Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security. You’ll learn more about:

  • Training tools and programs to help strengthen security behavior
  • How to use your resources efficiently for both managed clients and high-margin projects
  • How to implement best-in-class security within your MSP and your client environments


Raffael Marty

EVP and GM, Cybersecurity Practice

John Strand

Owner and Security Analyst, Black Hills Information Security

Protect your MSP and your clients