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Your Customers are Vulnerable.

Are You Ready to Protect Them?

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly hostile, and the very real risk they pose is top of mind for most companies - including the SMBs you serve. The relationship of trust you’ve built with your clients positions you as their natural choice for managed security to keep them safe from threats – they want and need your help. As a technology solution provider, you may be struggling with the potential challenges of offering those services, fearing the Silos of Chaos™ created by multiple toolsets, and the enterprise-level pricing of advanced security software. Maybe you’re wondering if you should build, buy, or partner.

Are You Asking Yourself:

Do I...

…have the in-house expertise to build an effective security practice area?

Can I...

…afford to buy the tools I need to provide security to my clients?

Should I...

…partner with someone and if so, whom?

Take the Next Step into Managed Security

Many TSPs who already offer backup and endpoint security are successfully expanding into additional services like:
virus protection

Advanced Threat Protection

employee training

End User Training


Penetration Testing


SOC Services


SIEM Services

How ConnectWise Can Help

Learn how ConnectWise Automate Builds the Effectiveness of Your IT Teams

We’re bringing enterprise-class security providers into our ecosystem, giving partners access to a wide range of solutions and integrations at SMB prices. ConnectWise Automate allows you to easily deploy these security solutions to your customers’ networks.

Explore the ConnectWise Ecosystem of Solutions

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