Affordable threat detection and response you can rely on

Protect your clients’ networks with Perch Security solutions backed by an in-house SOC

Cybercriminals are demanding you keep your clients secure, but implementing them can be expensive and time-consuming. Perch Network Threat Detection has you covered with easy implementation and integration, full network visibility, and more. Protect your clients’ networks—and your own—against cyberattacks with this co-managed threat detection and response platform backed by an in-house security operations center. 

Explore key security features offered by Perch Network Threat Detection

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Manage alerts for all of your clients and lines of business using a single, unified platform.

Threat hunting

Reduce noise with tier-1 support that only alerts you of real threats, and drill down for more details with Perchybana.

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Log ingestion

Ingest logs from Syslog and Windows® Event Logs while ensuring compliance, helping you enhance reporting and visualizations and gain more insight into your data.  

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Intel agnosticism

Be better prepared to handle threats by accessing community intel using your membership credentials. 

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Threat management

Enter, manage, and share your own threat indicators to have better control of your data and build your own threat intelligence repository.  

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Gain a full view of your data whenever you need it, allowing you to build your own visualizations or choose from our pre-built reports. 

How can Perch benefit your security platform?

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Protect your house

Secure your own networks with Perch to protect your business—and your customers.

Build customer loyalty 

Catch threats early and report them to your customers, validating their investment in your service. 

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Scale your offerings affordably

Become an MSSP without shouldering the high costs, enduring a lengthy implementation time, or hiring more staff.

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Unlock SIEM features without the price tag

Gain valuable context for network activity and meet compliance requirements with Perch’s log aggregation.

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Integrate with your other solutions

Sync Perch seamlessly with ConnectWise Manage® for real-time threat activity notifications and easy documentation. 

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Access a top-of-the-line SOC

Tap a team of certified, dedicated analysts who work 24/7 to review every alert and notify you when action is needed. 

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Boost visibility into your data

View all of your data whenever and wherever you want with Perch’s comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboards. 

“We chose Perch because we simply needed better security and real-time network breach detection provided at a reasonable cost. Perch provided a fully managed SOC solution that was easy to deploy and manage without creating 1,001 tickets per day. Their unique solutions offer us monthly alert review calls, human back-end support, and cross-market insight into advanced identification of threats by delivering an almost ‘set it and forget it’ type of solution that reduces the amount of noise we’ve had to handle in the past. Perch is one of our best vendors with an incredible team of highly skilled staff. We would highly recommend Perch—EVERY MSP should use it!”

Kyle Forward, Service Technician Analyst at ECMSI

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