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Grow Your VAR Business with Solutions to Streamline Operations & Boost Profits

Running your business can be challenging as you juggle multiple systems, a cumbersome quoting process, and complex project management. ConnectWise solutions will help you shorten the sales cycle, manage projects efficiently, and smooth your operations – including quoting, purchasing, service and billing.

Features to Manage VAR Client Relationships & Sales Cycles

Strengthen the Sales Process

Keep all sales opportunities and contacts in your CRM and gain full visibility into the entire sales process for more accurate forecasting and better resource planning.

Simplify Quotes & Proposals

Empower sales reps to quickly create and deliver quotes and proposals with customizable templates, resulting in more deals, closed faster.

Gain Visibility into the Purchasing Cycle

Reduce errors in procurement and deliver the right products to your customers.

Manage Complex Projects

ConnectWise project management ensures no step falls through the cracks. All won sales opportunities can be converted to projects, and the right resources assigned for immediate kickoff.

Track Warranties & Renewals

Turn expired warranties and renewals into ongoing revenue opportunities.

Simplify Invoicing

Easily turn sales quotes, proposals, and complex projects into invoices, with confidence that what was quoted is what’s billed.

VARs Guide to Quotes and Sales Proposals

VAR’s Guide to Quotes & Sales Proposals

Find out how to gain efficiency in your sales cycle by starting with effective, accurate, and fast quotes and proposals.

Ultimate Guide to As A Service

Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service

Discover secrets to succeeding as a technology services professional with expert tips on everything from marketing and sales to cloud services and recurring revenue.

10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel

10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Spreadsheets

Discover why the process of manual quoting with spreadsheets could be costing you more than you think.

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