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ConnectWise Sell

Streamline & Speed Up Your Quote-to-Order Workflow

As a NetSuite user, integration with ConnectWise Sell as your CPQ solution makes creating professional proposals and quotes faster than ever, allowing reps to quote products and services directly from distribution partners. It’s easy to update cover letters, statements of work, even quote items that don’t yet exist inside of NetSuite. Sell walks you through a guided process for consistency, and automatically feeds sales pipeline information back to NetSuite opportunities, providing the real time visibility that’s so critical for success. See how Sell built for NetSuite can shorten your sales cycle and help your business run more smoothly.

Preview Sell Integrations in NetSuite

Source Product in Real Time

Automatically populate quotes with the most current and accurate product data, including pricing and availability.

Create Quotes Quickly

Select a customizable template, personalize with your brand, and automatically pull in product info, pricing and more.

Deliver Quotes Online

Provide clients with an interactive quote, see when it’s viewed, and get quick approval with built-in e-signature.

Control the Sales Pipeline

Automate your sales process, making every step from quote to delivery visible to the team so nothing is left undone.

Streamline Workflow

Tight integration between Sell and NetSuite allows seamless sharing of quote information and opportunity updates.

Discover the Better Solution for Quotes & Proposals in Our Demo

Sales is at the Heart of Your Business. ConnectWise Sell Keeps It Beating Strong.

Explore ConnectWise Sell

Powerful CPQ Automation

Configure, price, quote and close more business faster with ConnectWise Sell’s sales automation and workflow support capabilities. Improve processes with CRM and operations integration, single login and multiple deployment options.

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Quotes & Proposals

Quickly create professional quotes and proposals using templates customized with your brand. Then deliver online, along with supporting documents to personalize the experience. Encourage quick response with e-signature approval.

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