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Virtual Conference October 14-15, 2020


Discover IT Nation Secure Virtual Conference

This two-day event is for TSPs interested in delivering best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for their businesses and clients, building a cybersecurity practice and designing future service offerings for clients, and refining advanced techniques for prospecting, qualifying, and selling cybersecurity solutions. Watch in-depth breakout sessions and cybersecurity briefings to learn best practices and get training for starting and running a successful cybersecurity practice. Hear two cybersecurity-boosting keynotes from business and thought leaders on how to support your clients. IT Nation Secure will set your cybersecurity practice up for success in 2021 and beyond.

Your Guide to Cybersecurity Success

IT Nation Secure brings you more in-depth, cybersecurity training from experts within The IT Nation. Check out our noteworthy session themes designed to help set you up for success in 2021 and beyond.
The Human Element

Conquering the human element when it comes to cybersecurity is a crucial step. Explore how to create a secure culture within not only your organization but also your clients.

Security Operations

SECOPS is where you and your team can travel headfirst into delivering secure service to your clients from metrics worth managing and secure onboarding to incident response planning and tabletop exercises.

Virtual Chief Infosec Officer (vCISO)

Building a virtual information security program is complex. Learn governance, risk, and compliance best practices to build and execute a successful vCISO program within your organization.

Marketing and Selling Cybersecurity

Take a deep dive on the best way to market and sell cybersecurity in your business, including packaging and pricing best practices, go-to-market plans, prospecting, and more.

Partner-Led Thought Leadership

Learn about how products from ConnectWise and our Solution Partners in the ecosystem can bring your cybersecurity practice to the next level.

Partner Support