2021 Conference FAQs


What is IT Nation Secure?

IT Nation Secure is the IT industry's must-attend cybersecurity event to help you reduce risk, transform your business, and streamline service delivery of cybersecurity solutions for your clients.

Who Should attend?

IT Nation Secure is for TSPs interested in delivering best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for thier business and clients, building a cybersecurity program for practice and future service offerings for clients, and refining advanced techniques for prospecting, qualifying, and selling cybersecurity solutions in an aligned methodology. Plus, endless opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn.

What is the dress code for IT Nation Secure?

IT Nation Secure is a casual conference. Think slacks, company polos, and comfortable shoes for all the walking between sessions.

What is the difference between IT Nation Secure, IT Nation Connect, and IT Nation Explore?
  • IT Nation Secure dives deep into cybersecurity for TSPs and is a mix of technical and business-driven content.
  • IT Nation Explore is where you go to get specific ConnectWise product training, hands-on lab experiences, and in-depth sessions geared toward excelling in your technology role.
  • IT Nation Connect has content geared more towards business growth and leadership roles and will offer training on how to drive your business goals forward.
I'm not a ConnectWise partner. Can I still attend?

Yes. IT Nation Secure is for everyone in the IT industry who want to deep dive into cybersecurity. This must-attend conference is your chance to learn from ecosystem and vendor thought leaders, cybersecurity industry experts, ConnectWise partners, and more. Security is more relevant than ever and IT Nation Secure is the best place to gain security knowledge and how to navigate your business through these ever-changing times.