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You’ve Got a Role in the IT Industry that You’re Proud of…

But you’re juggling so much that you’re starting to worry about the future. You’re missing out on critical connections that could help you do more with less, grow faster, and build the kind of long-term resilience that drives serious success. As a part of The IT Nation®, you’ll find experts, peers, and friends who are ready to help you learn and grow. And they're looking for your expertise to help them succeed. You're already at the center of the IT industry. Now it's up to you to get engaged with a community that can help you thrive there.

Engage with The IT Nation at Our Events

Take your first look at The IT Nation at our local IT Nation® Share events. Amp up your business-building education and inspiration at IT Nation® Connect. Dig deep into improving your solutions experience at IT Nation® Explore, and navigate the big picture with everything from life planning to leaving a legacy at IT Nation® Evolve.


Throughout the year, ConnectWise hosts partners, Solution Partners, and users at premier technology events around the world. The flagship event is IT Nation Connect in Orlando, FL. This three-day event brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and IT professionals—just like you. IT Nation Connect is for company leaders to gain valuable insight on how to grow their business and find long-term success.

For the members of your team who use the ConnectWise platform, there’s IT Nation Explore. This event offers users hands-on, in-depth product training on the solutions they use every day. Breakout sessions and keynotes discuss what ConnectWise solutions can do today, and what to expect in the future.

ConnectWise also hosts events in Europe and Australia for our international partners that can’t make it to the United States. Our international IT Nation Connect events bring the best thought leadership and hands-on product training from IT Nation Connect and IT Nation Explore into one exciting event.

User Groups

When we don’t have an event going on, you still have an opportunity to connect with The IT Nation in our user groups, IT Nation Share. Each user group is a close-knit community of regional partners. Once a quarter, IT Nation Share members get together for a one-day event to network, learn best practices, and hear from industry thought leaders. IT Nation Share comes at no additional cost to ConnectWise partners and is perfect for everyone in your organization—from operations to HR, sales and marketing, and everything in between.

Peer Groups

One of the most powerful ways to engage with The IT Nation is through our peer groups, IT Nation Evolve. These peer groups are designed for business owners to collaborate and communicate with peers in the IT industry. There are different levels of peer groups in IT Nation Evolve—from monthly, online discussions to quarterly, face-to-face meetings. IT Nation Evolve also provides peer groups for your sales and service teams.

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