Security bulletins

ConnectWise uses various methods to communicate security vulnerability information to customers. A Security Bulletin is used when publicly disclosing security vulnerabilities discovered in ConnectWise offerings.

Alternative tools and processes are used, where appropriate, when targeted or discrete communication with entitled customers is required. To protect our customers, ConnectWise does not publicly disclose or confirm security vulnerabilities until ConnectWise has conducted an analysis of the product and has issued fixes and/or mitigations.

Security Bulletins notify customers about one or more vulnerabilities. These bulletins provide guidance to assist customers in assessing the impact of any actual or potential security vulnerability in the context of their environment.


We have created an RSS feed for these security bulletins. As bulletins get posted to this page, the RSS feed will be updated. Paste this link into your RSS feed reader to get updates. New to setting up RSS, or need help with RSS feeds? Here are some helpful articles to get you started:
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