ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity

Build and grow a profitable cybersecurity practice while keeping clients secure

Introducing the next step in our partnership with you

The industry is shifting, and cybersecurity is taking center stage. New threats pop up every day, and they are getting worse. Businesses and organizations of all types are demanding better cybersecurity from their service providers, with 92% of them saying they would use or change service providers for the right cybersecurity solutions. It is a lot to take in. One thing is clear, today’s service provider must deliver cybersecurity solutions to protect themselves and their clients.

Whether you are building a cybersecurity practice, jumpstarting a stalled effort, or accelerating a mature practice, the work ahead can appear daunting. But you are not alone. The ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity is the next step in ConnectWise’s legacy of investing in and supporting our partners’ growth and business expansion. We are investing in next-level benefits to support our partners’ practice-building efforts, including sales and marketing playbooks, ready-to-use marketing assets, market development funds, a world-class partner portal, free certifications, and more, along with dedicated teams to help guide your next steps on your way to growing recurring revenue, expanding client relationships, and attracting new ones. Partners with ConnectWise cybersecurity solutions can opt to join under one of two options—as a Registered Partner to grow at your own pace or as an Accelerate Partner with customizable, structured journeys.

How we work together to help you achieve cybersecurity success with the ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity

We've built the ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity to help partners accelerate practice-building efforts and cybersecurity revenue growth. Whether you want to self-manage your growth or work with a Partner Development Manager (PDM) to help guide and support your efforts, you will have access to resources and benefits.

Registered Partner

This self-paced journey is open to partners with ConnectWise cybersecurity solutions. There is no minimum spend and once you are registered, you will have immediate access to benefits, such as a robust partner portal with access to self-paced resources, including marketing assets, training videos, and email campaign capabilities.     

Accelerate Partner

As an Accelerate Partner, you’ll be paired with a dedicated PDM who will be your guide as you access the next-level benefits available through the program. Your PDM will team up with you to accelerate sales to clients and prospects and be the conduit to access benefits including:

  • Free marketing resources and assets to help partners drive awareness and collect leads
  • A free marketing automation platform with pre-built, ready-to-go email and social campaigns
  • Market development funds to help supplement and support your marketing activities
  • ConnectWise cybersecurity sales engineers and subject matter experts to help win new business
  • Free IT Nation Certify cybersecurity certifications
  • Structured practice building journeys that can be customized for your level of maturity
  • With feedback from our best cybersecurity partners, peers, and industry experts, we’ve defined four customizable, structured journeys to help guide partners to success no matter what level of maturity they have achieved
Business Readiness

The Business Readiness journey lays the foundation for success or helps confirm what parts of your foundation are already in place. Before you begin selling cybersecurity to your clients to minimize their risk, you want to be confident your own house is in order and effectively secured. During the Business Readiness journey, we work with partners on building or confirming key foundational elements of their cybersecurity practice, including:

  • Getting your team certified for free through IT Nation Secure
  • Learning the ConnectWise cybersecurity solution stack
  • Executing a guided internal assessment to determine security gaps inside your business
  • Implementing no-cost internal use licenses to fill your gaps and protect your house
  • Best practices for pricing and bundling cybersecurity solutions
  • Executing a Marketing Readiness Assessment to define and then close gaps in demand generation efforts
Selling to Clients

After working together to confirm your house is in order, it’s time to start selling your cybersecurity solutions. The best place to start is by selling to those who are ready to listen: your current client base. You’ll work closely with your PDM to identify opportunities in your client base and win business. During this journey, you will have access to:

  • A free marketing concierge to help launch and manage email nurture campaigns to drive awareness and collect leads
  • Access to a free marketing automation platform containing pre-built, ready-to-go campaigns
  • A partner playbook providing step by step practice building guidance
  • A partner toolkit containing co-brandable marketing assets, presentations for webinars and other events, landing pages, and more
  • A world-class partner portal providing easy access to the tools you need to accelerate your practice-building efforts
  • Market development funds and co-op to use for demand generation activities
  • Access to pre-sales resources, including sales engineers and cybersecurity experts
Selling to Prospects

Your clients are buying in. With half of your client base on board, it’s time to expand your business and grow with new logos! Finding and winning new business can be a challenge. But you are not alone. With the Grow with New Logos Journey, we will continue to be by your side every step of the way. As you progress through this journey, your PDM will help you gain access to additional resources, including:

  • Working with your marketing concierge to define and procure a targeted prospect list
  • Access to co-brandable marketing assets, including emails and social posts to use in nurture campaigns
  • Pre-built email and social campaigns accessible via the free marketing automation platform we provide partners
  • Website content you can use to build landing pages to collect leads resulting from automated campaigns
  • Access to co-op funds to support lead generation activities
  • Access to free pre-sales resources to help win opportunities registered in the partner portal
Grow your cybersecurity practice with ConnectWise

Building, growing, and sustaining a successful and profitable cybersecurity practice is an exhilarating experience fraught with potholes and speedbumps. ConnectWise is here to help you navigate and thrive. Joinlearn how our Partner Program for Cybersecurity has helped Complete IT take its cybersecurity practice to the next level—and how it can benefit your business, too.

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