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ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order

Enhance sales efficiency & boost customer satisfaction

From product creation and sales order generation to client onboarding, customers expect progress that meets their needs and timelines. Efficiency is key to avoiding wasted time and resources that can cut into your profit. With process expertise and quality integrations, ConnectWise CPQ streamlines your sales workflow from start to finish—so you can call it “a wrap” and your customers can “thank you”.

Explore the quote to order features of ConnectWise CPQ

Push notifications

Improve accountability by ensuring critical steps in the process never fall through the cracks. ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order push notifications send timely alerts to appropriate resources based on time (e.g., 3 days after activation), or based on achieving project milestones. 

Systems integration

Seamless systems integrations means information only needs to be entered once. ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order comes equipped with integrations to mainstream CRMs (including ConnectWise PSA™ and Salesforce), vendors (like Cisco and Dell), and distributors (including Synnex and Tech Data).

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eSignatures and routing

Increase sales capacity and provide a better client experience. ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order lets you easily route proposals, quotes and contracts to your customers for legally-binding authorizations and attach the approved documents to the opportunity of record.

eQuoting and collections

Eliminate sales and finance bottlenecks. ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order leveraging Order Porter™ significantly improves the speed of delivering quotes to your customers, making changes, fulfilling orders, and collecting one-time or recurring payments.

Task routing to admins

With selling comes a myriad of administrative functions that, while necessary, only serve to pull your sales team away from selling. ConnectWise CPQ Quote to Order minimizes the amount of process work required of your sales team by routing appropriate tasks to your administrative team.

Keep projects moving after your clients sign the dotted line

See how ConnectWise CPQ streamlines ordering to keep your sales process moving.

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Explore more features of ConnectWise CPQ

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Quotes & proposals

Prepare and deliver professional quotes using customizable templates, populate product and price information from top distributors, and publish online via an interactive portal for client feedback.

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Product sourcing

ConnectWise CPQ puts product pricing and availability at your fingertips with distributor catalog feeds, including images, tunable descriptions, and detailed parametric data.

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Sales reporting

Gain deeper insight into your quoting data, using ConnectWise CPQ Business Intelligence to transform the way you analyze and use the company stats collected.

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