How Having NOC Services Can Be a Backup Game Changer

Having the right backup plan in place is essential to the health and safety of your organization. A good backup plan, however, can be difficult to maintain when you're busy with other responsibilities. That's why we recommend implementing NOC services from ConnectWise. Our NOC experts aim to manage up to 90% of your backup tasks for you, from routine management to recovery processes when they're needed most. Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more about the importance of having a solid backup strategy in place and how implementing NOC services can help streamline your organization's efforts. Our expert panel will cover:

  • What should be in your backup plan
  • How using NOC services can help ensure that backups are being properly  maintained
  • Discussion around some recent real-life examples of when a backup failed


George Merusi III

Director, Sales ConnectWise

Lee Rivas

Systems Engineer, VCSP, Veeam

Protect your organization with a solid backup strategy