Improving Your Sales Discovery Using Modes Theory and Maturity Conversations:

Lessons from Partner presenters at the ConnectWise Global Revenue Kick Off (RKO)

In February several high-performing ConnectWise partners presented to, engaged with, and learned from over 330 ConnectWise Sales team members at Revenue Kick Off (RKO). Join this webinar and learn from partners and colleagues who focused on the discovery process at RKO 2023. Apply lessons learned by outbound callers, account managers, strategic sellers, partner development managers, and sales leaders. Plus, get a look inside at ConnectWise’s sales structure and best practices.

Answer the question: How can sellers at all levels and roles easily and effectively combine Modes Theory and Maturity in a conversational discovery flow that matches end clients with offerings in a win-win.

Attendees will receive the single-page tools used at RKO to conduct conversational discovery assessments for Modes, Maturity, and Matchmaking. Attendees are encouraged to complete the applicable Modes Theory assessment at prior to attending.


Scott Scrogin

IT Nation Innovation Director

Nathan Austin

Nathan Austin

Founder, VP of Business Development, Mytech Partners, Inc.

David Spire

Chief Revenue Officer, Entech US