Simplify Least Privilege with ConnectWise Access Management™

Using the necessary tools and technology to limit the blast radius of attacks associated with privileged access puts you in a position to better protect your cloud-based assets. When you use ConnectWise Access Management, you simplify end user elevation requests to remove the need for technicians to share privileged credentials.  

Watch this webinar to see how ConnectWise Access Management gives you the ability to: 

  • Provide a streamlined way to handle elevation requests in real-time 
  • Implement secure credential-less administrative login accounts 
  • Automate approval and denial of end user elevation requests 


Ciaran Chu

General Manager, VP, ConnectWise

Caitlin Barnes

Product Manager, ConnectWise

Kyle Jackson

Senior Program Manager, Growth Innovation, ConnectWise

Secure, monitor, and control user access