Be the star with Control’s Backstage: Remote access without interrupting end-user

Sneak peek into the new backstage

Devices, software, and systems break all the time, and repairing them can disrupt workflow for end users. Backstage allows you to connect to any device—to repair, update, or install software—without disturbing end users. 

In this webinar, our ConnectWise product experts guide you through Backstage mode in ConnectWise Control. Watch to find out how you can use Backstage to:  

  • Solve problems faster without interrupting end users  
  • Maintain, update, and optimize devices   
  • Open system applications in Backstage mode with ConnectWise RMM 
  • Save time by running batch files from the toolbox   
  • Quickly and securely transfer files from host to end user  


Jake Morgan

Jacob Morgan

Principal Architect

Sean White

Senior Product Manager