Unlocking the Power of People and AI to Overcome Talent Gaps

With talent being in short supply today, many TSPs strive to find ways to utilize their employees as much as possible. Others are exploring ways to utilize AI to solve their business problems. This webinar discusses how people plus AI can work together to help achieve your goals. In this upcoming webinar, Clearbench , getKambium and Moovila, will discuss innovative approaches for enhancing your workforce's resilience against cyber threats, providing ongoing education to enhance their skill sets, and aligning your talent to your projects and tasks. Also, learn to utilize your QBRs to help create business while mitigating your clients’ skills gaps as well! Then, discover how these solutions leverage AI to take your business to the next level through automation, all integrated with the ConnectWise platform.

"The term 'ConnectWise' is a trademark of ConnectWise, LLC. These applications use the ConnectWise API but is not a ConnectWise product or service and is licensed separately from ConnectWise products and services.”


Eric Murray

Senior Product Manager, ClearBench


Andrew Hunt

CEO, getKambium


Mike Psenka

President & CEO, Moovila