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ConnectWise Manage

Managing Everything Just Got Even Easier

From a redesigned user interface that drives efficiency to new calendar functionality that enables meeting invites, explore the latest features in ConnectWise Manage.

Simplify Meeting Invites

Schedule Inside ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage allows you to create meeting invites for internal and external contacts, and receive their replies, all within ConnectWise Manage. Keep scheduling and meeting notes inside each ticket for easy reference.

Ensure Accurate Time Tracking

Minimize Mistakes with Time Entry View on Calendars

The Calendar with Time Overlay feature allows you to toggle to view both scheduled and tracked time entries, making it easy for service techs and managers to make sure every billable minute is accurately captured.

See Things the Way You Want

Movable Pods Give a Customized View.

Every company – and every tech - approaches their work from a unique perspective. Now you can personalize your ConnectWise Manage screen by moving pods around to create a customized view that suits your style.

ConnectWise Manage 

See the Newest Features to Manage Your Business in this Live Demo

From UI design to automated solutions, ConnectWise Manage enhancements are designed for your success.

See What Else is New

Conversion/Transition Function

A lot can be lost in translation when transferring details about client products and services between departments. Conversion functionality in ConnectWise Manage helps teams effectively collaborate by accurately passing information, documents and more from sales to projects to services.

Stopwatch Time Tracking

Make it easy for techs to track time so they don’t have to resort to guesswork. The new Stopwatch feature automatically helps ensure no billable time slips through the cracks, and better billing accuracy improves profit.

Solutions that Work Together Seamlessly

ConnectWise solutions are designed to complement one another to simplify your processes and grow your success. That’s why we continue to enhance the compatibility of the features within Manage, Sell, Automate, and Control to work together in boosting your productivity.

Resource Scheduling

Efficient scheduling of multiple resources can be challenging, and dealing with inevitable last minute changes is even more difficult. ConnectWise Manage scheduling features have been enhanced to maximize resource utilization, while offering flexibility to easily make revisions on-the-fly.

Start Remote Sessions from Tickets

Increase tech efficiency and make clients happy with quicker-than-ever connections to remote sessions. Eliminate the need to copy and paste a remote session link from ConnectWise Control into a separate customer message. Simply click Join Now!

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