ConnectWise PSA™
Professional service automation (PSA) software
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ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA

ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA force multiplies the efficiency of service delivery teams through powerful AI. Lean on Sidekick to help summarize, categorize,  resolve tickets, and more. And that’s just the beginning!

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WisePay for PSA

Get paid faster with an accounting package agnostic payment processor. WisePay for PSA streamlines how payments are collected, improving cash flow and customer experience. Payments collected via WisePay for PSA payments can even be synced back to QuickBooks Desktop.

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ITBoost Overlay

Bring ITBoost documentation right where your team is already working – the ConnectWise PSA ticket. Streamline how information is accessed so that your employees are happier and customer issues are resolved faster.

Reimagined Projects (coming soon)

ConnectWise PSA Projects are being reimagined to provide more visibility and usability with new work plans, gantt charts, and kanban boards. Stay tuned!

Reimagined Procurement (coming soon)

A new product catalog is coming soon – and this product catalog connects to both PSA and CPQ. With a brand new interface and more filtering options, it will be easier to manage inventory. Coming soon!

Round Robin Ticket Scheduling

Automate how tickets are assigned to your team using Round Robin functionality. Set up by board, tickets can be automatically assigned based on availability, skills, and more.

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