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Account Management

Deliver One True Source of Information for Everyone on Your Team

Your clients expect great service so it's up to you to deliver. Stop struggling with disconnected systems, clumsy handoffs, and incomplete documentation. ConnectWise® Manage™ centralizes all of your clients’ data into one application so that everyone in your company, no matter what department, is looking at the same information.

You don’t have to collect information in different places. Instead, gain a 360°-view of your client in one place. From contact information to service history, sales opportunities, and project information see everything in ONE centralized location and view.

A Better Experience for You, and Your Customers

360° View

See every touchpoint with a client or company, with a system that stores all tickets, purchases, projects, and communications in one place.

Full Transparency

Improve communication with a closed-loop system and detailed documentation of activities. See client history at a glance, and provide your team with a transparent and consistent flow of communication with your client.


Predefine processes for handling issues, onboarding clients, assigning training, or following up on late payments. Remove uncertainty and create a consistent customer experience.

Financial Relationship

Access to accurate financial and KPI reporting ensures your executive team is ahead of the game. Always know where you stand financially with each client.

Cloud Control

Manage, monitor, and bill for your clients’ Microsoft® Office 365™ and Azure™ licenses, and do it all from a central console with multi-tenancy. Deliver one invoice to clients for all services, including cloud.

Get Up Close & Personal

Full Visibility

Get a comprehensive look at every client or company interaction.

Conquer the Cloud

Manage multiple cloud services clients from a single pane of glass.


Account Management Made Simple in our Demo

See for yourself what a unifed system and centralized hub can do for your teams and business.

Strengthen Your Service Support with the ConnectWise Suite

Remotely Monitor & Manage Devices

ConnectWise Automate gives you the tools you need to automate IT tasks, work on multiple machines at the same time, manage everything through a single console, and manage IT policies across multiple endpoints.

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Take advantage of centralized cloud management for Microsoft® Office 365™ and Azure™ accounts, proactively monitor for issues to build your trusted-advisor status, and ease billing pains with a single, automated invoice for everything.

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“We are in the people business, not the technology business, and ConnectWise truly enables us to put process and technology in the back end so that we can just provide people service on the front end.”

Jamison West, President, Arterian

Explore Other ConnectWise Manage Features

Help Desk

Take advantage of clear lines of communication, an efficient ticketing process, and everything you need to provide exceptional service delivery.

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Access a central place for all of your data—whether it’s project, service, sales, or financial—to make reporting simple.

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