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ConnectWise Manage Agreements

Exceed service agreement expectations

Service level agreements (SLAs) can be hard to track. With agreement management in ConnectWise Manage, you’ll surpass your customers’ expectations by maintaining well documented terms that identify expectations, clarify responsibilities, and facilitate communication regarding covered devices, service hours, response times, and more.

Explore the customer agreement features of ConnectWise Manage

Contract management automation

Establish service expectations and automate the management of customer contracts, including cloud services. ConnectWise Manage Agreements also lets you support your cash flow by automating recurring billing procedures.

Customized response planning

Decide ticket priority based on your customers’ service delivery expectations. In addition, ConnectWise Manage Agreements enables you to create unique response plans and resolution times with custom calendars and matrices, then track every step in the plan process.

Automated resource reminders

Automate reminders to the appropriate resources and proactively renew expiring contracts. With ConnectWise Manage Agreements, you’ll stay updated when customers reach a low support balance, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Agreement P&L tracking

Effective contract management is critical to maintaining strong business relationships with your customers, but even more critical to ensuring profitability. ConnectWise Manage Agreements lets you track all time and work against agreements to effectively measure profits and losses.

Customizable agreements

Not every customer will be, or requires, a standard recurring service level agreement. ConnectWise Manage Agreements enables you to offer your clients customized options such as one-time or recurring (limited duration) block agreements.

Discover the tools that allow you to exceed customer expectations

Simplify and streamline every aspect of your business for a smoother customer experience with ConnectWise Manage.

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“The agreements function of ConnectWise Manage really allows us to track what goes into it so we can see how profitable we really are on those agreements.”

- Aaron Hamp, Owner, I.N.C. Systems & POS of Michigan

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