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Break free from time-consuming quote & proposal creation with ConnectWise Sell - let your sales team be a sales team

Building detailed sales quotes is time consuming, potentially costing your sales team hundreds of hours per week. ConnectWise Sell brings order building complex quotes and proposals through custom templates, automated sourcing, and seamless PSA integration.

Dive into the features of ConnectWise Sell

Quote & proposals

Keep your sales team focused on mining opportunities and closing business while improving your bottom line. ConnectWise Sell helps you regain control of creating professional quotes and proposals via custom templates, real-time pricing, eSignatures, extensive reporting and more.

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Sales notifications

Knowledge is power. Real-time intelligent quote tracking triggers Sales Notifications to let you know when a client interacts with your quote. This gives sales reps insight into how clients are digesting proposals, and the intel needed to take the next best step to seal the deal.

Procurement automation

When you combine the power of ConnectWise Sell with ConnectWise Manage®, orders can be placed electronically through your preferred distributor for fulfillment. Once processed, the system can automatically convert the opportunity and trigger additional processes.

Renewal reminders

Never miss an opportunity to renew an agreement, extend an expired warranty, or upgrade aging equipment. ConnectWise Sell delivers renewal reminders internally and externallyensuring you never leave your customers hanging, or your TSP with money on the table.

CRM updates

Use automation to your advantage to make updates to your CRM as you work opportunities and win deals. ConnectWise Sell’s automation functionality keeps your entire organizationMarketing, Sales, Support, and Financeup to date, even if you don’t.

Pricing rules

Much like placing limit orders when buying stocks, ConnectWise Sell can help you lockdown service discounts and product pricing to maximize profitability. As a result, you can protect shrinking margins and better predict bottom line revenue—intelligently and automatically.

What can ConnectWise Sell do for your TSP?

Get sales back to business

ConnectWise Sell’s quote templates, automated workflows, and third-party integrations reduce wasted time on manual entry, system updates, data entry, and human errors. It’s a defense layer that keeps your team focused on what they were hired to do. Sell, survive, and succeed.

Source your products

Say goodbye to piecing together quotes and proposals one line item at a time. ConnectWise Sell allows you to pull and compare pricing from multiple distribution partners, your own pricing tables, and/or customer catalogsall through a single pane of glasssaving you time and your sanity.

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Create a consistent experience

Timely proposal delivery and presentation quality can affect your chances of winning and losing deals. So can the process of quote acceptance to goods delivery. ConnectWise Sell empowers you to deliver a consistent buying experience to your valued customerswho expect nothing less.


“ConnectWise Sell has been a game-changer for us. I’m almost embarrassed to talk about how we did it before ConnectWise Sell. It has allowed us to automate so many functions within the quoting, the pricing, and the sale of things we offer to our clients.”

Chad Paalman, CEO, NuWave Technology Partners
Quote and proposal templates in ConnectWise Sell can save you two hours per quote*

*Commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study

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