SNAP - ConnectWise Sell's third-generation web interface is here

| By:
Sam Demulling

In the technology service industry, time is money. And who doesn’t want to get tasks completed faster and easier—without sacrificing quality and accuracy of course! When it comes to quotes and proposals, it’s important to deliver on time and with accurate information, which adds a professional look to your brand—because after all, your brand is your company’s identity.

SNAP, the third-generation interface of ConnectWise Sell®, helps you be the first to deliver a quote to your prospects inbox, and with ease I might add. You’ll experience the speed and performance of an on-premise application, that’s actually a web and cloud based platform! Create and deliver quotes from anywhere, anytime, while your business reaps the rewards. ConnectWise Sell hasn’t only gotten faster, it now has additional features that will make your IT business operations much easier. Now let’s dive into these enhancements, shall we?

If being the first quote to your prospect’s inbox is one of your top priorities…

As a technology solution provider, you don’t need the competitive gene to know that being the first quote to your future customer’s inbox is a must. What you do need, is a solution that is built to create and execute professional, accurate, and appealing proposals – and do it fast enough so you beat your competitors to the punch!

By entirely removing loading pages between steps in the navigation bar, the end-to-end user experience is fast and flawless. We’ve also enhanced quote publishing and delivery so that not only is generating your proposal PDF faster than before, but you can also edit your email content while it generates! Yes, ConnectWise Sell continues to raise the bar in performance.

If you’re looking to review your work without the downtime…

Everyone wants to do a quick once-over of their quotes and proposals before they're sent to the customer. Thanks to the SNAP update, it's now easier than ever before. “Document Quick Preview” is now available on every navigation tab, allowing you to quickly take a glance at what your proposal will look like at any time - without having to publish! We’ve also improved the Review screen to make requesting manager approvals and finding the information you need a seamless experience.

If assigning contacts to different account roles, or creating new customer information seems tedious…

Depending on your business, the person you're quoting, billing, sending to, and shipping to may all be different. Getting all of this information filled out correctly and keeping it organized can be a mess. With our SNAP enhancements, the “Customer Setup” tab helps you quickly select and organize your customer information, and saves you more clicks while doing so.

Are you also setting up a new contact that will act as all the account roles? No problem! A brand new “All Account Roles” tab allows information to quickly be entered and carried over into the Quote To, Bill To, Send To, and Ship To fields.

When creating and loading mappings on the Paste Quote screen, you’re wishing there was a way to delete them in case of a mistake…

If you thought the features we’ve already discussed were enough, you’re in for a treat. ConnectWise Sell now has faster loading and importing for the Paste Quote feature. This redefined interface not only makes this option easier to find, but the ability to delete saved mapping in case of a mistake is accessible right from within the mapping screen. Voilà!

The enhanced Paste Quote feature lets you easily import spreadsheets from vendors and distributors, drastically reducing the time it takes to create a quote based off these documents. We've taken an already indispensable tool and made it even faster, and more intuitive to work with.

ConnectWise Sell’s third-generation web interface SNAP, allows you to create and execute on your quotes and proposals in a snap of a finger (no pun intended). With enhancements that enable a seamless end-to-end user experience and lighting fast performance—even on a web based application - you’ll be the first quote to your prospects inbox!