Get the big picture: 5 sales obstacles you can overcome with ConnectWise Sell Intel

| By:
Sam Demulling

As a business owner, being able to envision your company’s big picture is crucial. But, realistically, how much time during your hectic day do you truly have to dedicate to understanding every detail that impacts this picture? If your answer is along the lines of, “not much” or “I wish I had more time” – you are not alone. Thankfully, ConnectWise Sell® has a solution.

We know it is imperative to the health of your business to have proper revenue tracking and reporting, accurate forecasts, and a holistic understanding of your margins and what you’re quoting. However, trying to compile this type of data can often be frustrating, time consuming, and challenging. Not having your data readily accessible can leave you without enough time to process the information necessary to achieve your business goals.

This is where ConnectWise Sell Intel, a business intelligence (BI) feature within ConnectWise Sell, can help solve a lot of the problems you may be facing. For the first time in any quoting application, ConnectWise Sell Intel offers state-of-the-art business intelligence features that help save your business time, which, in turn, helps you make more money.

So, how do you use ConnectWise Sell Intel to improve your business?

Let’s look at these five obstacles below, along with the ConnectWise Sell Intel solutions:
1. What’s my company’s BIG PICTURE?

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, your business has a lot of moving parts. Because of this, it can be difficult to quickly understand what's happening everywhere while determining whether your company is going to meet its goals. That’s why ConnectWise Sell Intel uses the key selling information that already exists within ConnectWise Sell and automatically builds dashboards that help you concisely visualize how your business is doing, so you can make better decisions faster.

2. What are the right steps to take next?

Running a business means making decisions that can significantly impact your company’s performance – sometimes on a daily basis. So, how do you come up with an effective business plan? With access to data anytime, anywhere, ConnectWise Sell Intel helps you understand your sales metrics, and plan your next strategic moves.

Are you tracking low on hitting a sales rebate? With ConnectWise Sell Intel you can easily break down your sales to see what's working and what could improve.

Want to drive action for a certain product? ConnectWise Sell Intel allows you to quickly compile product sales history and customer quotes to align with your future marketing campaigns.

Concerned about the current status of your sales activity? Perform your own audit by matching up quotes with invoices, or check which steps have been completed on each of your quotes. Data-driven decisions are key for success, and ConnectWise Sell Intel makes forming these decisions easier than ever.

3. Forecasting is crucial to the health of my business, but it’s a headache.

Trying to put together an accurate sales forecast can be a tremendous hassle, especially if you are depending on reports from multiple salespeople. In addition to consuming time you can’t spare, the resulting forecast depends on anecdotal information and not data.

That’s why ConnectWise Sell Intel automatically generates sales forecasts based on your recurring revenue and any active quotes in your system. By essentially eliminating the hassle of compiling possibly inaccurate data from several different sources, you to know where to focus your sales efforts.

4. Business intelligence is important, but where do I start?

Having a massive amount of data is only useful if you have a way to analyze it effectively to make important business decisions. Creating reports to ensure you are viewing and tracking all the appropriate aspects of your sales process shouldn’t have to be daunting. With ConnectWise Sell Intel, it’s easy. It comes loaded with multiple pre-populated views that pull the information you need from your quotes and proposals, organizing it in a way that you can quickly process and understand.

ConnectWise Sell Intel works "out-of-the-box,” meaning it will provide you with relevant sales metrics from ConnectWise Sell without any setup needed on your part. Furthermore, because we know that your business is unique, you can also customize your dashboards to display information that is most relevant to you.

5. Sales performance needs to be better understood by the sales team and management.

Since your sales team is your front line when it comes to generating revenue, you need to be prepared to enable them to succeed in their sales goals. Understanding your team’s performance can give you and your team members critical insight into your business.

ConnectWise Sell Intel allows you to create multiple dashboards displaying only the data you want to see. This allows you to easily focus on your business’ pain points and areas for potential growth, and quickly understand whatever sales metrics are crucial to you at any specific time. These dashboards can be shown directly within ConnectWise Sell, and also assigned to specific users so your reps see only the information relevant to them. This multi-dashboard functionality helps you and your reps gauge performances, and can be used to promote healthy competition within your team.

Thanks to ConnectWise Sell Intel, your business picture is amazingly clear. The data you use to make critical decisions is accurate and visible with easy-to-use customizable dashboards, views, and reports—setting up your team members, and your company, for success. ConnectWise Sell Intel is the BI gem your business didn’t know it couldn’t live without.