Competitive quotes for the digital age

| By: Kent McNall

When is the last time you updated your quoting methods? Are you still using Word and Excel? Are you still sending quotes and proposals by fax? It’s time to pick up the pace so that your business is ready for significant growth.

In the United States alone, research and development into science and technology is up 3% in the last year, and advanced technology makes up 18% of US exports. Technology is growing fast, and successful businesses have to keep up. Get ready to leave behind old school quoting practices and make room for a brave new world of sleek, effective quotes that help you close more deals than ever before.

The future is here

Updating your quote and proposal processes is about more than a sleek-looking quote. It’s about delivering lightning-fast quotes that are full of personal details and user friendly features that make your customers’ lives that much easier.

Everyone is busy, on-the-go, and trying to keep a lot of balls in the air. Help your customers feel safer, more secure, and more at ease with modern quoting practices that deliver real results.

Lead the way to your business future with quoting and proposal software that is:

1. Web-based and mobile

Today’s customers—and your sales force—are mobile, and they depend on tools that are just as mobile. Your sales team and customers need access to creating, reviewing, and approving quotes and proposals anytime, from anywhere.

2. Multimedia based

It’s a digital world, and your customers are used to eye-catching, attention-grabbing information. Make sure your quotes and proposals fit the bill with product images, sales rep headshots, and personalized videos that give you the space to directly address your customers as individuals.

3. Compatible with your CRM

Quotes and proposals carry vital customer information that shouldn’t have to be retyped into your CRM—that wastes time and opens the door for errors. Get more out of your CRM with the ability to port your quoting data directly into your system, so that you’re armed with the right data to offer the best possible service.

Ready to take on your quote and proposal process and bring it up to speed? We’ve got the tools you’ll need to take your quotes from dated to daring.