Understanding the ConnectWise Ecosystem

| By:
Arnie Bellini
This blog was originally published on December 19, 2017 and updated on July 10, 2018.


In an industry that’s changing every minute, your Technology Teams are constantly facing new challenges. To be successful, businesses need to make the shift to a customer-first focus. Because ConnectWise was created with the goal of solving partners’ everyday business problems, we’re focused on helping make that shift easier.

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot of people use the term Ecosystem. Every business and Tech Team has unique challenges, but we have the same goal in mind—to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations. The ConnectWise Ecosystem connects you to a broad network of tools, solutions, and relationships engineered to fuel your expansion and perfect your service offering.

Four components of the ecosystem

The technology ecosystem we all share is made up of four components.

    1. Customers
      Our customers use technology to support their clients, advance their business, and become successful. To do all of that, they need to offer solutions like backup and disaster recovery (BDR), antivirus, and other security services (just to name a few). Security needs now represent huge business opportunities, worth $6.1 billion in the US, $1 billion in the UK, and $411 million in Australia/New Zealand. Recognizing the customer, their needs, and your opportunities are critical parts of the Ecosystem.
    2. Solutions
      We all know solutions can change as quickly as our market does. Endpoint, DNS, and other security services are all still evolving, so it’s important to take a solution and match it to your customers’ needs. Our Solutions Menu, introduced at IT Nation 2017, offers you a clear roadmap to expanding your service offering and meeting every customer need.

The Solutions Menu organizes the Ecosystem into 15 categories, with a place for every solution in each category. Technology Teams deliver their catalog of services with solutions from this menu. This approach defines and meets your service needs with a clear definition of the different ways your clients rely on you for support.

    1. Technology Teams
      Tech Teams are the different teams within your organization that work together—in diverse roles—to support clients and keep your business successful. We’ve researched these teams and what their foundation looks like to support them in their own unique way, and we’re building the resources and support to meet the needs of your current Tech Teams and help you build new ones as your services expand.

As you consider the needs of each of your clients, you’ll start to see the different Technology Teams that make up each customer’s business, and the specific needs that each unique combination of Solutions Menu squares requires. Turning to the Ecosystem to meet those needs, you’ll see the kind of growth and success you and your customers are looking for.

  1. Service
    This one speaks for itself. Your service is what makes your company what it is today, and keeps your clients coming back for more. By allowing you to connect directly to every solution that fulfills the unique needs of you and your clients, the Ecosystem makes it easy for you to exceed customer expectations with outstanding service.
How things have changed

Our industry has shifted, and we're now in a service oriented business that just happens to be dealing with technology. Customers understand what technology can do for them, and are looking for quick fixes and constant monitoring. That’s why everything in the Solutions Menu has been designed as a managed service, so your business can easily adapt to this change.

With solutions and integrations designed to drive your growth, you can extend your reach and service offerings. By proactively working together with our partners and trusted vendors to build strong alliances and tailored solutions, we help ensure a thriving marketplace where we all benefit from sustainable, successful businesses. With our Ecosystem, we plan to connect everything.

More exciting things are coming from ConnectWise, and we’d like you to share with us what you think the Solutions Menu needs to complete the platform and the customer journey.