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ConnectWise Control 101: The Shared Toolbox

One of the key features of ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), is our Shared Toolbox.  With the Shared Toolbox, the administrator can upload self-contained executables to the ConnectWise Control server. Unlike the personal toolbox, tools th...

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Extension Spotlight: Freshdesk

We’re excited to share our selection for this month’s extension spotlight! This is no easy task, since ConnectWise Control’s extension library contains more than 90 third-party extension options, with more being added every day. But we managed to do ...

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Improved Security for Cloud Applications

In the wake of larger companies having fallen prey to hackers, leaving customers vulnerable to ransomware or malicious scams, we’ve received many questions about web applications and security. Our development and cloud ops teams have put a lot of eff...

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