How MSPs can increase ROI

| By: Jeff Bishop

Last year brought significant challenges to businesses everywhere. The underlying force of economic uncertainty had all searching and pivoting to find areas for new growth and ways to increase ROI. Doing more with less was the name of the game during 2020 and continues to be the case for 2021. 

Today’s MSPs must unlock the value of their process by finding efficiency within their technology and how to leverage their people to maximize ROI. An independent study conducted by Forrester Consulting provides positive insight on the business impact you can expect from the ConnectWise platform including, initial payback within three months and 194% ROI overall.  

In this post, we’ll discuss how the ConnectWise IT management platform can help MSPs achieve higher ROI and profitability. Let’s dive in! 

Professional services automation software  

Improving communication and efficiency not only enhances the customer experience but increases revenue and lowers costs. Choosing a PSA tool like ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) connects everything in a single-pane-of-glass. 

Simplify with an all-in-one solution 

ConnectWise PSA serves as an all-in-one system that creates transparency, saves time, and eliminates human error. It’s the building block and glue that brings all of your other applications together to exponentially increase the value of not one, BUT ALL, of the integrated solutions. This ensures smoother data flow between teams and processes while eliminating the need for multiple tools and repetitive data entry.   

Streamline efficiency 

More efficient internal systems allow organizations to deliver improved customer experiences. Enable your technicians to address and resolve tickets faster and shift from reactive to proactive hardware maintenance to reduce customer downtime. 

Decrease routine admin work 

With more efficient systems, you’ll also streamline project and ticket status updates. The average ConnectWise partner decreases the cost of customer support by $247,418.* 

Improve billing efficiency 

Automation eliminates billing disputes, which used to cause revenue loss in settlements. Automation also increases your finance team’s productivity by 25%, leading to a potential savings of an average of $238,798 over three years.* 

Remote monitoring & management software

Without an RMM tool, it would be nearly impossible for providers and their techs to deliver fast and efficient technical support to a large number of small businesses and other end users. ConnectWise Automateâ can take your service delivery, client experience, and company to new success levels by saving time and money. 

Reduce cost and increase revenue 

Proactive monitoring leads to increased revenue and decreased support costs. MSPs that use ConnectWise Automate can appreciate a 60% reduction in costs*. Now, you’ll have more capital to invest in further growing and scaling. 

Lower support tickets 

Script automation leads to fewer systems experiencing issues or crashes, creating a 20% reduction in the number of tickets*. This allows your team to get out of the weeds and focus on more strategic, ROI increasing initiatives. 

Increase tech productivity  

Quickly queue automation with a few clicks, allowing your technicians to access information and solve problems faster. Save tech time by scripting Tier 1 tasks and documenting results. Technicians can resolve issues faster, allowing you to manage more customers without hiring additional staff. 

Improve uptime and customer satisfaction 

When you have a pulse on the hardware you manage, you can keep issues from occurring and automatically resolve any problems. This improves uptime, keeping your customers happy, and brings more value to your service offering. 

Quote & proposal automation software 

Time-consuming, manual processes can bring your sales process to a standstill, potentially costing you the deal and hurting your ability to support more clients. ConnectWise Sell partners save an average of two hours per quote, saving ten hours a week just creating five quotes per salesperson*, allowing them to get back to selling. 

Shorten the sales cycle 

Empower your team to shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates with quote and proposal automation. Easily create accurate and professional quotes and proposals every time with templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare a quote or proposal.  

Protect your margins 

Lockdown margins and set automatic pricing rules for certain customers, services, or equipment, so you never over discount. With multi-level approvals, you can create advanced rules that require approval from specific stakeholders before the quote is delivered to your clients. 

Remote control & remote access software 

Time is money when it comes to your tech support. ConnectWise Control delivers a unique combination of power, ease of use, and configurability, to give technicians the tools they need to provide faster resolution times to get end users back to work from anywhere.  

Streamline support sessions 

With just one click, you can start a remote-control session from inside your ticket and access all the information in one place. Even better, you can stay in the ticket to send messages, run commands, and perform work in the background without disturbing the end-user. 

Improve user experience 

When a remote session lasts longer than it needs to, your techs become frustrated, and your customers become impatient. From the moment you start a remote session with a customer, the seamless integration works to make issue resolution easy and fast, and your customers will know they can always count on you.  

AI and machine learning automation backed by a human element 

ConnectWise Command empowers TSPs to provide proactive, high-value support across any device or environment with intelligent alerting and ticketing, intuitive scripting and automation, and certified NOC technicians. 

Reduce ticket volume 

Eliminate the clutter and ensure your techs only receive a single ticket when an action is truly needed. You’ll reduce ticket volume by 90% with Intellimon by consolidating related events into a single ticket.  

ConnectWise Expert Services 

Your people are your great business value. As you grow, you have to make sure you have the people in place to continue keeping up with customer needs and meeting their expectations. ConnectWise Integrated Expert Services, formerly Assist, provides expert services and consulting to help augment staff and support teams so you can focus on growth while saving on management and overhead costs.  

Load up on help desk support 

With ConnectWise Help Desk Services™, formerly Assist Help Desk, you can focus on growing customer relationships rather than providing reactive support. You can now repurpose your in-house talent to work on higher-value tasks and feel confident taking on new clients without worrying about new help-desk support needs. 

Add a dedicated tech  

Staffing challenges result in a time-consuming hiring process and hiring expense talent, which reduces partner service delivery margins, inhibits growth, and restricts the ability to provide premium care. A ConnectWise Dedicated Technician™ will learn the ins and outs of your business, offer time and technical skills to solve problems your in-house team can’t, and add significant value to your services. As an extension of your team, you can direct their workload to ensure your goals are met.  

Discover tech advantage 

Overloading your techs with work won’t make you more efficient. Instead, ConnectWise Tech Advantage services offer resources to work on ad-hoc projects at any time to keep your team focused. Some past projects include Office 365 and Exchange Server migrations, SharePoint server work, and Active Directory. 

Cybersecurity detection, response, and risk assessment software 

The ConnectWise security business mission is to provide a unified security solution that enables MSPs to efficiently sell and deliver effective and comprehensive security solutions that encompass tools and education. This is where ConnectWise Fortifyä and ConnectWise Identifyâ step up to the plate to help you maximize your customers' security efforts while increasing ROI 

Engage threat monitoring and prevention  

ConnectWise Fortify enables you to focus on your customers while leveraging ConnectWise technology and expertise to respond to cybersecurity attacks before, during, and after an event, giving you—and your customers—peace of mind.  

Tailor your cybersecurity efforts 

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, ConnectWise partners can use risk reports generated by ConnectWise Identify as a jumping-off point to have collaborative conversations with clients—discussing where their weaknesses lie and possible steps to mitigate risk. 

Breakup cybersecurity silos  

The recent acquisition of Perch and Stratozen opened up a huge opportunity for ConnectWise partners to eliminate silos of chaos with technology that makes it easy to collect, assess, and respond to security data from many different point products, 

KPI dashboards & reporting software 

Profitability often hides in your data sets—you just have to find it. BrightGauge helped one ConnectWise partner save 25 hours per week when it comes to reporting with the ability to access data, metrics, and information from multiple data sources in a single location.  

Make data-driven decisions 

Identify patterns and trends faster and more accurately to make smarter business decisions with real-time metrics at your fingertips.  

Centralized IT documentation software 

Keeping track of all IT documentation is extremely challenging—and time-consuming. ITBoost gives you easy access and real-time data into all of your MSP business applications, PSAs, and RMMs so you can do what you need to do, all from one place. 

Standardize customer satisfaction 

Get access to customer feedback, business analytics, customizable dashboards, and more to create standard operating procedures so your techs can deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience during every client touchpoint, no matter which tech handles the issue.  

Lower ticket times and increase revenue 

ITBoost can save you five to ten minutes per ticket. If you have 15 techs working 20 tickets per day, that’s a lot of revenue. Check out our IT documentation saving calculator to realize the revenue you can save.