Product Innovation Recap: ConnectWise Asio Platform

| By: Jeff Bishop

With the conclusion of IT Nation Connect™ 2023, it was easy to see what a groundbreaking year it’s been for our partners.

For the past three years, we have been on a journey to deliver more innovation to IT solution providers (TSPs) faster through the ConnectWise Asio™ platform. We’ve made significant investments in building the foundational pieces that bring greater value to our partners.

We started with the centralization of core elements like companies, contacts, devices, tickets, and APIs to create a powerful ecosystem that drives innovation and efficiency for the whole TSP space. This consolidation of multiple products into a modern user experience with a centralized dataset has paved the way for groundbreaking advancements such as ConnectWise RPA™, extensibility, and hyperautomation.

At IT Nation Connect this year, we announced a number of great enhancements from the Asio platform team. Let’s explore a few of those exciting innovations and see how they can drive better results for our partners.

ConnectWise RPA

ConnectWise RPA has emerged as a cutting-edge industry solution that empowers teams to automate repetitive, time-consuming processes. By automating process flows between products and removing manual tasks, ConnectWise RPA significantly reduces manual efforts and enables teams to focus on more critical activities. This not only drives operational efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction. With RPA, organizations can start to stretch labor costs, allowing teams to take on more with the same staff and making it possible for smaller teams to be more operationally efficient and competitive in the market.

ConnectWise RPA consists of two key components: ConnectWise RPA bots and Asio workflow orchestration. It enables teams to eliminate manual steps in processes using pre-built automations with the Asio workflow orchestration and an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for automation across multiple ConnectWise products and third-party solutions.

Visual workflow orchestration seamlessly integrates frequently used tools, enhancing efficiency and simplifying operations. By integrating RPA into the foundational technology of the Asio platform, ConnectWise creates a seamless experience within our platform and the ecosystem of vendors in our community, providing greater operational efficiency while maximizing the full range of ConnectWise services at a fraction of the cost.

Asio extensibility

Asio provides a full-featured integration experience. This means partners and vendors can consume and tap into our data layer, automation, and other services, allowing them to extend datasets, add policies, create automation and scripts, deploy agents, and more.

This also allows us to begin the creation of a true marketplace, which will give our partners the ability to see and control what each integration is doing behind the scenes before enabling it and the ability—very soon—to build their own products.

Unified billing intake

Unified billing intake will ensure partners have accurate end-to-end visibility into usage information. It can help seamlessly automate client billing usage from products they purchase through ConnectWise and third-party products they’re purchasing elsewhere.

Asio ticketing

Asio ticketing is the foundation for the future of ticketing. It’s designed to focus the conversation, keeping everything techs need in one place, and while the initial release is focused on ConnectWise RMM™, it will soon expand to be a key part of ConnectWise PSA™ and our expert services teams moving forward.

IT Nation Connect

This year’s IT Nation Connect was more than just an event. It was a major milestone where company updates and product innovations didn’t just share a stage—they set it ablaze.

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