ConnectWise introduces next-generation hyperautomation for MSPs with robotic process automation at IT Nation Connect

| By: Jeff Bishop

At IT Nation Connect™ 2023, we doubled down on our commitment to innovation and revolutionizing the industry with an exciting announcement about hyperautomation. We introduced ConnectWise RPA™, groundbreaking automation technology that simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of software robots, or bots, that mimic human actions—such as button clicks, form submission, and file path updates—when interacting with digital systems.

What is hyperautomation?

According to Gartner, hyperautomation represents a significant advancement in the automation landscape. While automation streamlines tasks that previously required human intervention, hyperautomation takes it a step further.

By leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and/or RPA technologies, hyperautomation can help you achieve unprecedented efficiency and productivity by automating a broad spectrum of specific, repetitive, and time-consuming business tasks.

What does hyperautomation mean for you?

ConnectWise enables the digital transformation of manual work efforts in new ways with RPA for the IT channel ecosystem. ConnectWise RPA provides tangible hyperautomation capabilities powered by a single workflow engine within the ConnectWise Asio™ platform to drive faster process automation that translates across managed services and multiple solutions.

What are the key differentiators?

A combination of tools within ConnectWise RPA is its key differentiator—bots that are preconfigured to execute and automate certain tasks; a workflow engine that allows you to create more advanced processes combining triggers, actions, and conditions; and a form designer in the works to help with data collection.

This allows your team to automate tasks more effectively through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface where they can build automation of workflows, set triggers and conditions, and kick off powerful automation across your whole tech stack. And because ConnectWise RPA is built and accessed through Asio, it can integrate with any product or service from Microsoft, ConnectWise, or any third-party solution with APIs.

With ConnectWise RPA, you can discover potential automation opportunities, analyze their feasibility, design efficient workflows, automate processes, measure performance, monitor outcomes, and improve your automation strategy—unlocking new possibilities and driving transformative growth in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

By automating process flows between products and eliminating manual tasks, ConnectWise RPA, which launched with over 130 prebuilt bots, saves valuable time and resources. This allows you to stretch your labor costs so you can do more without adding headcount, and your teams can focus on more critical, revenue-generating activities, drive customer satisfaction, and compete more effectively in the market.

In addition, with its full integration purpose-built for MSPs in our platform and alongside our vendor ecosystem, ConnectWise RPA provides a seamless partner experience and maximizes your operational efficiency.

What are our partners saying about ConnectWise RPA and the Asio platform?

After our announcement at IT Nation Connect, the enthusiasm for ConnectWise RPA was palpable, with more than 1,000 new users added during the three-day event. 

Here's a snippet of what a couple of our partners had to say about ConnectWise RPA and the Asio platform at IT Nation Connect:

Rick Harber, CEO and founder of Decision Digital, expressed his enthusiasm for ConnectWise RPA and workflow. "We must invest in tools that go beyond scheduled or triggered scripts. We must evolve and leverage workflows and robotic processes that automate these tasks with logic and intelligence. The introduction of ConnectWise RPA and workflow signal ConnectWise's intent to lead the next great transformation in managed services again. We are using them right now and rewriting and streamlining processes as a result. And we are just getting started!"

"I'm an Asio evangelist, and I can't say enough great things about it," said Rod Bledsoe, vice president at ACNS. "Our productivity has significantly increased with the platform powering my day-to-day operations. It automatically patches our 1,000+ endpoints and cultivates significant customer trust."

Experience the power of next-generation hyperautomation.

ConnectWise RPA is available now on the Asio platform with additional package options within ConnectWise PSA™ to meet your business and clients' needs. ConnectWise RPA will soon expand into a vital piece of the PSA expert services teams and other ConnectWise solutions. If you're a ConnectWise partner, contact your dedicated account manager today for additional details.