How to Retain STAR Employees: Part 1

| By:
Brett Cheloff

When it comes to successfully building, managing, and growing your IT business, “turnover” is a word you don’t want to hear--unless you’re talking about breakfast pastries in the breakroom. Hiring and retaining quality employees is crucial to your business’ success. Here at ConnectWise, we pride ourselves on finding and keeping exceptional team members to better serve you, and we want to share our employee retention paradigm with you. Enjoy this four-part series, in which we dive into what you need to focus on to keep STAR employees: Self, Team, Atmosphere, and Recharging.

Self: Successful Management Starts Within

What makes a company truly desirable to work for is its ability to walk the talk of creating a positive culture, which means treating people in a positive way. This positive energy isn’t something that can be applied through external measures though. It starts from within.

Self-management is the practice of taking care of yourself so you can better take care of others. Be the positive, motivated, engaged example your employees need to see on a daily basis, but remember that authenticity is key. If you’re not “feeling it,” neither will they.

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Stay Focused on the Vision

If you see the word vision and you don’t immediately think of your own, perhaps it’s time to revisit this concept. Your vision is your why. It’s the defining purpose in everything you do. Your vision should “pull” you towards your goals. It creates alignment within the team, creates loyalty to the cause and keeps everyone going in the right direction. This should be communicated often throughout the year, and should be something you strive for--not low-hanging fruit.

It’s Not All About You

While we’ve talked about self-management up to this point, truly successful leaders realize it’s not all about them.

Perhaps author, motivational speaker, and marketing consultant Simon Senek said it best, “The responsibility of leadership is not to come up with all the ideas but to create an environment in which great ideas can thrive.”

Leaders can be unsuccessful by not delegating out responsibilities to their team in fear that something won’t be done right. An empowered team works together towards a common vision, and accomplishes more together.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in the series, How to Retain STAR Employees. When this formula is executed, you will have created a high-energy positive team that will drive you to your vision. ConnectWise is here to support that vision!