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ConnectWise Sell Sales Reporting

End-to-end pipeline visibility

Driving predictable revenue is what every company dreams of. And while building a pipeline is critical, it’s really only half the battle. Revenue teams need to regularly analyze the health of their pipelines in order to keep them healthy, look for risk, take steps to minimize risk, and act to ensure that they avoid future risks. ConnectWise Sell Reporting gives you the visibility you need to win.

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Interactive visualizations and BI

ConnectWise Sell Sales Reporting leverages business intelligence to optimize data and present pre-designed views. A Microsoft® Power BI® workbook highlights key metrics of your sales pipeline, and the pre-built dashboard organizes all relevant data for your analysis.

Centralized, anywhere access

Built in the cloud, ConnectWise Sell administrators have access to intuitive tools for quickly viewing partners’ quoting data—from anywhere. Data can be linked and imported from other sources, and custom workbooks can be easily created for in-depth analysis.

Secure access

Built-in security features let administrators create specific workbooks and manage workbook access. To keep data safe, ConnectWise Sell Sales Reporting enables administrators to carefully control and allow or deny access to organizational data—by user, group, or by department.

Deep analytics

ConnectWise Sell Sales Reporting helps you look beyond capacity and bookings to identify the key inflection points in your sales cycle. Understand why you win or lose deals, to which customers, and why. Stay informed of pipeline health, spot risk, and activate upside.

Flexible business intelligence

Built on Microsoft Power BI, ConnectWise Sell Reporting dashboards are easily customizable. We continue to develop new BI functionality, like streaming analytics in real-time during the creation and delivery of quotes—all delivered automatically via the cloud.

Included support

You’ll have full support in getting the ConnectWise Sell BI platform up and running, and ConnectWise Sell consulting is available for help in creating custom BI reports and views. Plus, you’ll have access to Power BI support material from Microsoft.

Reach new heights of sales reporting

Get instant access to the sales information you need to make smarter decisions with ConnectWise Sell.

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“The integration of ConnectWise Sell into our CRM has really paved the way for us to automate a lot of our workflows and processes. That has cleaned up a lot of the information in our system and keeps us on track with every step of the pipeline.”

Jessica Hoover, Procurement Manager, My Sherpa

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Quotes & proposals

Close more business deals faster with ConnectWise Sell’s sales automation and workflow-support capabilities. Improve processes with CRM and operations integration, single login, and multiple deployment options.

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Product sourcing

ConnectWise Sell puts product pricing and availability at your fingertips with distributor catalog feeds that include images, descriptions, and detailed parametric data.

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Workflow automation

Increase efficiency and profitability with workflows that provide off-the-shelf approval rules, guided selling for more closed deals, and automated payment collection and recurring payment setup.

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