Stop the madness: top 4 frustrations that anger tech service providers

| By: Craig Fulton

If you’re a tech services provider, you probably have anger issues.

Don’t worry, that’s not an attack on your personal character. What we’re talking about here are the common tech industry frustrations that negatively impact communication with clients and level of service delivery.

Here’s how to handle four hotbeds of irritation that lead to tech service providers losing their cool.

1. Communication breakdowns


Few things throw the success of a project—or potentially a business—off track quicker than communication failure. The breakdown can happen at any stage, from quoting and onboarding a new customer to project management, and the resulting confusion can lead to Silos of Chaos®.


When the right tools are in place to provide appropriate team members easy visibility into customer information, project status, goals, and progress, inefficiency transitions to effectiveness. A business management platform like ConnectWise Manage® allows information to automatically flow between people, departments and all stages of the customer relationship.

  • Team collaboration leads to greater accountability on projects
  • Help desk response is timely, keeping customers in the resolution loop
  • Pertinent information is no longer segregated in individual employee files, but stored where it can be accessed by all involved parties

Start by looking at the way you use email today. In most companies, email is the primary form of communication—information, project details, and collaborations all happen in our inboxes. By capturing all of that shared information in a ticketing system, you create accountability, process, and structure.

2. Time management and visibility


It’s frustrating not to know who is working on what and for how long.  Without a clear picture of time management, you risk inaccurate billing, billing delays, and accounting issues. To run your business smoothly, you need a solution that gives you full visibility into your vital business information.


Look for a solid system that helps you track all of the information you need to keep techs and clients on track. With an integrated solution, you can dive deeper into profitability from a client standpoint by understanding more about the types of tickets you’re working on, and how much time is going into each type of task. You’ll also be able to tap into your techs’ time to see just how efficiently they’re working.

3. Where is my data?


There’s nothing worse than looking for important client information only to discover you don’t have access to it because you’re not a part of that system. Maybe you’re in sales so you can’t see the accounting data, or your support team can’t access project information. When systems aren’t linked, vital information is spread all over the place in systems that don’t integrate, leaving you with the hassle of exporting and manually sending over data.


Storing customer information in a central location like ConnectWise Manage gives you a 360 degree view of the customer: What you are doing with them in sales, procurement, service delivery, project management, and finance. Having access to all of this information in one place allows you to make quick decisions, instead of slow reactive decisions that could be costly. Even better, ConnectWise Manage caters to today’s on-the-go businesses with data that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, so you can be efficient (and impressive) no matter where you are.

4. Do it. Then do it again.


Redundancy is a productivity killer. Plus, it’s just plain annoying. Yet, without the right tools, it’s often necessary to repeatedly input and export the same data.


A business management platform is designed to streamline the process of capturing and sharing vital information across all company functions from marketing & sales to services & support. You can build repeatable processes to reduce administrative efforts so you and your team can focus on more impactful work. It saves time, and reduces room for error and frustrations.

For more than 30 years, ConnectWise has been motivated to develop solutions for unnerving issues like these. The result? The world’s number one business management platform for technology service providers. See how we can help you stop the madness and take your business to the next level.