Leverage AI as a force multiplier in ConnectWise PSA

| By:
Jake Varghese

AI technology, when used responsibly, has the power to work as a force multiplier in your business. How? AI empowers teams to do their jobs more efficiently, resulting in happier employees and happier customers. 

ConnectWise Sidekick™ for PSA is powerful AI and machine-learning that can take your employee efficiency and customer satisfaction to the next level. It streamlines the way your team works through powerful AI automation that makes it possible to understand and resolve customer issues faster than ever before, provides insights to customer sentiment so that each customer experience can be exceptional, and brings ConnectWise PSA™ records and insights right to where your team already is—Microsoft Teams. Read on to learn about how ConnectWise Sidekick can benefit your business. 

Improve internal efficiency  

Efficiency within your business is what ultimately leads to business growth and higher profit margins. However, taking the time to identify where inefficiencies lie can be a time-consuming task that's often overlooked. With ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA, we're identifying a few areas right away that you'll be able to take advantage of. These features are designed with you and your entire team in mind, ensuring that efficiency can quickly be realized throughout your organization. The key components of ConnectWise Sidekick that drive your efficiency include: 

  • Microsoft Teams bot: It can be challenging to quickly access the records you need, especially when you're on the go. ConnectWise Sidekick brings PSA data right where your team is already working, and it's accessible from both the Microsoft Teams desktop and the mobile application.  

ConnectWise Sidekick becomes your own digital assistant and brings the data you need directly to you—check out your calendar for the day, tickets assigned to you, invoice predictions, sales opportunity data, and more right from Teams. Additionally, records can be updated via the same Teams chat, making it easier for everyone in your organization to have the data they need when they need it.  

  • Ticket assistant pod: Quickly resolving tickets is typically everyone's goal; however, the administrative work required when accessing a ticket can be time-consuming and negatively impact both SLAs and your employee's experience. The ticket assistant pod, powered by ConnectWise Sidekick, is a technician's—or anyone working a service ticket with PSA—best friend. The ticket assistant pod has options to help categorize and classify the ticket correctly, such as suggesting a board, type, subtype, item, agreement, etc. It can also help understand and resolve the ticket—summarization, root cause analysis, possible resolutions—and even help communicate with the customer using email reply generation and translation capabilities. It can also help your teams understand and resolve tickets with capabilities such as ticket summarization, root cause analysis, possible resolutions, plus it can even help communicate with the customer by using email reply generation and translation capabilities. 
  • Auto triage: Properly triaging service tickets within ConnectWise PSA has so many awesome benefits; however, because it is often a manual step, it can get missed. As tickets come through your PSA, ConnectWise Sidekick leverages machine learning to automate the triage of these requests. This function places tickets on the appropriate board with the type, subtype, and item automatically set. This will allow your dispatcher and help desk teams to act on requests quickly, while also providing the system with the necessary details to report and gather ticket intel. Coupling auto triage with round robin can automate the entire triage and dispatch process—what a game changer! 

Turn your customers into raving fans 

As customer experience continues to grow in importance for clients, it's essential to consistently provide amazing experiences. By having a PSA solution that supports that effort, you can rest easy knowing that your team always has the insight and information necessary to provide those great experiences for your customers. ConnectWise Sidekick is equipped with ticket sentiment, which contains capabilities to provide insight into your customers' sentiments based on their communications into the ticket. How it works: 

  • Ticket sentiment: Typically, we don't get a firm understanding of a customer's experience until they either fill out a survey at the end of the experience or blatantly spell it out for us. Because of this, businesses may miss opportunities to turn a bad experience around or even miss the chance to make a great experience even better.  

With ticket sentiment scoring within ConnectWise PSA, your teams can have clear and immediate insight into a customer's overall sentiment based on their response. Machine learning is leveraged to score each email response in a ticket, allowing you to track a customer's sentiment throughout the entire life of the ticket rather than waiting until the survey is sent. What an exciting thought—you can actually see an upset customer turn into a happy one!  

In this same vein, SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution, not only captures customer satisfaction but also encourages Google Reviews to those that are loving your service. This is another great solution that can be used to grow your customer base with amazing social proof of your company's talents. 

  • Email response: When customers need an update from the ticket, it can be time-consuming for a tech to craft each message. This could potentially result in fragmented communications or missed communications altogether. With this new email response functionality, setting your teams up for success will be easy. An email is crafted with just a couple of clicks, getting the technician well on their way to sending comprehensive communications. Better communication leads to a better customer experience, and with the time you're saving the team, it'll also lead to a better employee experience. 

We're confident that these new capabilities will create helpful efficiencies and streamline operations for your business. And if you're already a ConnectWise partner, be sure to check out the ConnectWise Virtual Community™—we'd love to chat with you about these new functions and all of the other exciting things we're working on. 

Want to learn more about ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA? Check out our on-demand demo.  

ConnectWise is committed to the responsible use of AI. Read our responsible use statement here.