Product Innovation Recap: Unified Monitoring and Management

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Jason Short

We've just closed the chapter on one of the most transformative IT Nation Connect™ events ever, and we're more committed than ever to catapulting IT solution providers (TSPs) into a realm where success isn't just the target—it's the starting line.

Proactive monitoring, expanded visibility, consolidated management, and seamless access to client devices help you stay productive and a step ahead of the competition. With this in mind, we're thrilled to introduce the next evolution of ConnectWise RMM™, born in the cloud and meticulously engineered on the ConnectWise Asio™ platform.

It seamlessly integrates network, cloud, and backup monitoring, making this a truly unified monitoring and management experience. These new capabilities are complemented by an interactive, actionable dashboard, which is more than just a tool—it's a single source of truth for your entire environment.

In the spirit of continuous innovation, the ConnectWise Automate™ development team has made many achievements this year that show we're fully committed to investing in Automate, and will continue to do so.

We know this community has invested years into optimizing and customizing Automate to work the way you like it, and we want to help you build on that. This means more than just supporting the product; we're working on bringing Automate closer to Asio, and adding hyperautomation so our partners can get the best of both worlds.

Let's explore just a few of the top enhancements announced this year at IT Nation Connect that will be game-changers for your team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Unified Monitoring and Management solutions.

ConnectWise Automate

At IT Nation Connect, we announced an exciting integration for ConnectWise Automate:

  • ConnectWise Sidekick™: With AI-generated scripting assistance, you can create, review, and run scripts in minutes! AI-generated scripts for PowerShell require approval, so your team is always in control.

ConnectWise RMM

Many RMM-related updates were announced at IT Nation Connect this year. Some of these exciting enhancements include:

  • Actionable and intuitive dashboard: Experience real-time visibility of endpoints across your entire environment with the ability to act quickly on critical items by drilling down to the device.
  • Cloud monitoring: Automatically detect and provide essential visibility into your clients' cloud infrastructure and availability with status summaries, prebuilt monitors, and just-in-time alerts.
  • Backup monitoring: Experience at-a-glance visibility of client backup environments for servers, desktops, and virtual machines. Spot anomalies and trends over time across the backup results and monitor unprotected assets by the company or vendor—including Axcient and Veeam to start, but with more integrations on the way.
  • ConnectWise Network Monitoring and Management™: Proactively discover, monitor, and analyze client networks within RMM to ensure optimal performance for your clients.
  • ConnectWise Sidekick™ for RMM: Save valuable tech time using AI-generated scripting assistance to create, review, and run scripts in minutes! AI-generated scripts for batch, bash, and PowerShell require approval, so your team is always in control.

ConnectWise ScreenConnect

ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ was another key part of the Unified Monitoring and Management announcements made at IT Nation Connect 2023. Enhancements made to ScreenConnect include:

  • ConnectWise Access Management™: Revolutionize your cybersecurity and access control by stepping into a world where shared admin passwords become a thing of the past, drastically reducing risks and enhancing user experience.

Our refined least-privilege access system efficiently and securely grants the necessary administrative rights for specific tasks. This shift not only empowers partners with tighter cybersecurity but also streamlines operations, paving the way for increased productivity and customer trust.

  • SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution, and ScreenConnect: Feedback transforms into loyalty, and satisfaction becomes strategy with this powerful integration. The combination of SmileBack and ScreenConnecr elevates your customer service game, turning every piece of feedback into a stepping stone for enhanced service delivery.

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IT Nation Connect

This year's IT Nation Connect was more than just an event. It was a major milestone where company updates and product innovations didn't just share a stage—they set it ablaze.

Eager to learn more about what went on at IT Nation Connect 2023? Visit the IT Nation Hub and explore the treasure trove of exciting updates and enhancements that focus on reshaping the world of business management, cybersecurity, and beyond.