The 1 Way to Keep New Accounts

| By: Steve Farnan

To keep clients, you need to keep them happy. So then, the question becomes not how do you keep them, but rather how do you keep them happy with you. Think of it as a relationship. Just like any other relationship you value in your life, you have to invest time and resources to maintain a healthy rapport.

So then, the number one thing you can do to keep new customer happy is to check in with them. You can do this in a number of ways, and for a number of reasons.

Be mindful of the fact that if you call them 14 times per day, you’re going to come across as a stalker. You certainly wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, so why should you do it to them? Find your healthy balance.

Smart ways to keep in touch with clients:

1.      Service Anniversary

Whenever I call a certain credit card company for account information, the representative always thanks me for the specific number of years I’ve been a loyal customer. That means something. It tells me they’re paying attention and care that in a marketplace of options, I’m giving my business to them. Any CRM worth its salt will contain service anniversary detail. And if you’ve got it, you can easily replicate what my credit card company does, and there are multiple avenues through which to do it—phone, email, postcard, etc.

2.       Birthday

Unless your customer doesn’t celebrate birthdays, for religious or other reasons, celebratory greetings on the special day are typically welcomed. If you’re not doing it already, start adding birthday as a field in your database. Preface the birthday request by explaining how you intend to use it. A hidden advantage to knowing your customer’s birthday is knowing which generation he hails from, because different generations typically prefer different styles and avenues of communication.

 3.       Upcoming Renewals

You’re busy, and so are your customers. If you’re tracking service renewal dates, remind customers of impending expirations, and the need to renew if they don’t want to experience a gap in coverage. We suggest reaching out at 60-90 days, 30 days, the week before, and the day before their service is set to expire. If you aren’t currently doing this, you’re literally letting your hottest recurring revenue opportunities slip through your fingers.

4.       Helpful Tips

Technology moves faster than most can keep up with, but as a technology service professional, you’re apprised of many new trends; use this to your advantage, and share it with your customers. It will position you as the expert, and educate them on emerging opportunities and threats. Thought leadership ideas and helpful tips can be disseminated in a number of ways—enewsletters, email signatures, blogs, prerecorded messages, and so many other vehicles.

5.       Complaint Follow-up

This is such a great way to see where you stand with your customers, and give them a proactive opportunity to complain to you before they complain to the BBB or worse—your other customers. Make a point of following up a week after a problem is solved to ensure there were no residual issues. Your customers will thank you with their loyalty.

Continued growth should be a high priority for any company, and a huge part of sustaining growth is keeping your current clients on board.  For more information about how ConnectWise Manage can help you keep your current clients and bring in new ones, sign up for a personalized ConnectWise Manage demo.