ConnectWise Automate: A year of enhancements and innovations

| By:
Vernon Southmayd

ConnectWise Automate™ is the most powerful and customizable RMM tool on the market. However, after a storied history of innovation and now with two RMM tools in our Unified Monitoring and Management family of solutions, it can be easy to overlook how far we’ve come this year alone.  

For that reason, we wanted to take a moment to focus on the improvements made to ConnectWise Automate in 2023 so far. With enhancements to security, remarkable innovation, improvements to the admin experience, and over 70 quality-of-life upgrades made this year alone, it’s easier than ever for ConnectWise Automate partners to achieve their vision of success. Here’s a quick look at our team’s favorite updates from this year. 

Application security 

In 2023, we supercharged the security of ConnectWise Automate with a series of exciting updates, including these top enhancements: 

  • IP restriction management | Released in January - You now have complete control over which IPs can interface with your Web Control Center and Automate Control Center. Unless a user is on an approved IP address, your site won’t even load.   
  • Agent signup improvements | Released in June  Our new algorithms, using 16 different data points in addition to MAC address, ensure that you always have a smooth agent signup process, notably when signing on from virtual machines, cloned systems, or VPNs.   


We pride ourselves on finding ways to make your life easier by leveraging innovation like artificial intelligence and prioritizing enhancements that benefit your processes. Two examples of these innovations are: 

  • AI-generated scripting assistance | Released in April - Type script goals in plain text, select AI generation assistance, then review, edit, and customize to your heart's content. Build scripts in minutes, not hours, with PowerShell scripts generated with ConnectWise Sidekick™ for Automate!  
  • EXE monitors running PowerShell monitors | Released in July - MSPGeek challenged us with this one, and we’re thrilled to deliver! Automate users can now create remote PowerShell monitors by deploying PowerShell scripts as a supported EXE monitor type. 

Improving the admin experience 

Our commitment to your success resulted in a strong focus on improving the administrative experience in 2023. This included making more features available in the Web Control Center and improving browser based SSO authentication. 

  • Browser-based SSO authentication | Released in November  - A new login workflow is coming to enhance the login experience and extend support for Azure conditional access.  

We’re also dedicated to making it easier to be a hero for your clients wherever you are with more features moving to the Web Control Center throughout 2023 and before, including:  

  • Remote monitoring management configuration | Released in February  
  • Searches | Released in March  
  • Network device search | Released in May 
  • Scripting engine | Released in March 2022  

ConnectWise Automate continues to evolve 

Our commitment to our partners has driven our investment in enhancing the ConnectWise Automate experience, not just to bring innovation or added functionality to the web but also to improve the quality of life for Automate users.  

These quality-of-life improvements might not have their own bullet in the highlight list above, but in many cases, they make the most significant positive impact on our partners each day. In addition to aggressively targeting known issues, we’ll continue to simplify processes, remove roadblocks, and ultimately do everything in our power to help you achieve your vision of success.  

Our team remains hard at work protecting your productivity and incorporating ConnectWise Asio™ platform innovations, such as AI-generated scripting, so you can rest assured that this is only the beginning!