ConnectWise Business Management: Top features delivered in Q4 2023

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April Taylor

ConnectWise Business Management saw a lot of innovation in 2023, and Q4 was no exception. With the addition of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, enhanced integrations, and other features designed to increase efficiency, Q4-released features are certainly worth revisiting.  

Staying true to our vision, each item released was designed and delivered to drive more efficiency, reduce internal costs, improve customer and employee experience, and ultimately drive more profitability. Let’s jump into the top features delivered in Q4 of 2023! 

Hyperautomation for your TSP 

ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA 

ConnectWise Sidekick™ for PSA is an AI-powered digital assistant that supercharges your team and enables them to maximize their efficiency and boost their productivity. ConnectWise Sidekick does this by eliminating time-wasting tasks and augmenting creativity for all team members in your organization, including dispatchers, service technicians, project managers, sales, finance, and other roles in an IT solution provider (TSP). ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA is available from multiple engagement points that you interact with daily, including the tickets module in ConnectWise PSA™ and from Microsoft Teams.  

Check out the on-demand demo today >>  

ConnectWise RPA 

ConnectWise RPA™ has emerged as a cutting-edge industry solution to curb labor costs by enabling teams to automate more of the repetitive, time-consuming processes that take up valuable time. The ability to automate process flows between products and remove manual, repetitive tasks is pivotal to enabling team efficiency and driving customer satisfaction. ConnectWise RPA reduces manual efforts, presenting an opportunity not just for cost savings but also for smaller companies to become more competitive.      

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Interested in learning more about hyperautomation? By popular demand, Automation Nation is back! And this time there's a twist—we'll work together to push the boundaries of hyperautomation and leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help your business create efficiencies and reduce costs.

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New and enhanced integrations to streamline TSP operations 

ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise View  

ConnectWise View™ for PSA means you can provide top-notch remote service. Gone are the days of physical presence being mandatory for tech support. Now, you can share real-time visuals with customers to aid in issue resolution. Your team can access ConnectWise View right from the service ticket, making it easy for them to see what your customer sees through their phone’s camera, capture screenshots and time entries automatically, ensure adherence to process, and deliver a smooth customer experience. Launch a ConnectWise View session right from within the ticket screen to enhance transparency and streamline processes.  

ConnectWise RMM Quick Sync Gauges in BrightGauge, a ConnectWise solution 

BrightGauge™, a ConnectWise solution, known for its powerful data analytics capabilities, enhanced the user experience and it now provides even more valuable insights for partners. One of the key updates was the implementation of Quick Sync Gauges, which enables faster data syncing between ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise RMM™. This allows partners to have critical data points brought to the surface in real-time, such as tickets requiring action and device availability, providing immediate visibility into essential metrics.   

Check out the release notes to get started >> 

ITBoost one-click onboarding for ConnectWise PSA partners 

New one-click onboarding has simplified the process for our partners to get started with ITBoost™, a ConnectWise solution. This feature allows seamless integration with ConnectWise PSA, enabling quick access to essential data and a smooth transition for new users.  

Check out the University documentation here >> 

Arrow Capital and ConnectWise CPQ integration for leasing 

Import financing offers from Arrow ACS into a quote so you can easily see the rates and terms available to your customer, while never leaving ConnectWise CPQ™, simplifying the financing process. 

View the University documentation here >> 

SmileBack CSAT for ScreenConnect 

SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution, has introduced the CSAT for ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ feature, which offers instant feedback on remote support sessions. This functionality eliminates waiting for ticket closures, empowering you to capture feedback immediately after each session.   

SmileBack Project Survey Actions 

SmileBack also introduced a ticket automation for PSA that allows partners to determine when and how new tickets are created to streamline the process for managing customer support escalations. Negative CSAT reviews can now trigger the automatic creation of new tickets, ensuring swift resolution of customer issues. 

Learn more about ticket creation actions here >> 

WisePay downpayment invoice creation  

Simplify the way payments collected from ConnectWise CPQ are handled within ConnectWise PSA with WisePay™, a ConnectWise solution. With this enhancement, payments received via ConnectWise CPQ quote will now generate a downpayment invoice within ConnectWise PSA. This invoice can then be applied to the correct record, simplifying the management of downpayments! 

Watch the demo to see how you can automate the entire invoice lifecycle >> 

Other notable innovations 

Reimagined Service Leadership, Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution 

The Service Leadership Index® introduced a fresh experience with an emphasis on online views of dashboard reports. Enhanced cybersecurity, multi-user management, and the addition of coach-facilitator views provide a comprehensive approach to managing service operations. The inclusion of leadership action plans has also added accountability and transparency to business growth strategies. 

Industry reports are also available from Service Leadership, Inc.—including the Service Leadership Index® Annual IT Solution Provider Compensation Report™ that dropped in Q4.  

Learn more about the annual compensation and profitability reports for IT solution providers >>  

We’re looking forward to what’s ahead in 2024 for ConnectWise Business Management, and we invite you to join the conversation about industry changes and innovations in the ConnectWise Virtual Community.