Top ConnectWise Business Management features delivered in 2023

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Jake Varghese

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're reflecting on the remarkable Business Management portfolio innovations that have transformed how we work. From cutting-edge artificial intelligence to cross-platform integrations, ConnectWise has pushed for an unprecedented wave of breakthroughs.  

As always, our product enhancements are designed and built with these key benefits in mind: drive more efficiency, reduce internal costs, and improve customer retention, all with the end benefit of driving more profitability. Let's look at the key innovations delivered in 2023. 

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AI built for MSPs: ConnectWise Sidekick™ for PSA 

ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA is an AI-powered digital assistant that supercharges your team daily and enables them to maximize their efficiency and boost their productivity by eliminating time-wasting tasks and augmenting creativity for all team members in your organization, including dispatchers, service technicians, project managers, sales, finance, and other roles in an MSP. 

ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA is available from multiple engagement points that you interact with daily, including the tickets module in ConnectWise PSA and from Microsoft Teams. 

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Revolutionary billing agreements with ConnectWise PSA™ 

ConnectWise PSA delivered some significant upgrades, offering more flexibility in billing agreements. Setting invoice start dates beyond the first day of the month ensures you can tailor your invoicing processes to specific timelines, making financial management more seamless. 

Additionally, the introduction of pro-rated additions for annual agreements is a boon for MSPs. You no longer have to wait for the next yearly invoice to include new additions. With ConnectWise PSA, these additions can be reflected immediately, ensuring a smoother and more efficient financial workflow. 

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More streamlined efficiencies with ConnectWise CPQ™  

ConnectWise CPQ had several notable enhancements in 2023. Electronic submission of credit applications to Great America directly from within ConnectWise CPQ simplifies financing processes and enhances the WisePay location-based integration to ensure a more targeted and efficient payment collection process. 

Additionally, CPQ now offers a dark mode feature, enhancing the user experience and providing a visually appealing interface for users—making your sales reps more comfortable and productive.   

Guided selling is a brand-new capability that assists sales representatives in capturing the correct information for accurate quotes in less time. This feature streamlines and standardizes the process, making it easy and fast to generate accurate quotes, especially for non-technical or new sales reps hoping to hit the ground running. 

Newly introduced integrations of CPQ with Amazon Business for UK and Canada partners streamline the procurement process. The Arrow and ConnectWise CPQ integration ensures that ConnectWise partners will experience enhanced efficiencies in various areas such as searching and quoting, procurement, subscription management, and client billing. 

Evolution and expansion of WisePay™, a ConnectWise company 

Initially tied to QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting packages, WisePay has now expanded its compatibility. Partners can seamlessly integrate WisePay with QuickBooks Desktop and Microsoft Teams, opening new avenues for efficient payment processing and cash flow management. 

One of the standout features is the introduction of automatic payments for WisePay in ConnectWise PSA. This facilitates a hassle-free payment process, ensuring your business receives timely payments without constant follow-ups. Eliminating the need for manual intervention is a major win for ConnectWise partners looking to streamline their financial operations. 

WisePay for PSA evolved further with automatic payment syncing, down payment invoicing, and refund automation. The ability to initiate refunds directly within WisePay simplifies financial processes and adheres to best practices. The introduction of pods within PSA further streamlines payment processes, creating a more seamless experience for partners. 

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Advancements for BrightGauge, a ConnectWise company 

BrightGauge, known for its powerful data analytics capabilities, enhanced the user experience and now provides even more valuable insights for partners. One of the key updates was the implementation of QuickSync Gauges, which enables faster data syncing between ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise RMM. This allows partners to have critical data points brought to the surface in real-time, such as tickets requiring action and device availability, providing immediate visibility into essential metrics.  

Another notable addition is parent-child Dashboards, which offer improved data visualization capabilities. Partners can now create comprehensive dashboards with multiple trend lines, providing a more comprehensive and intuitive representation of their data.  

Additionally, SmileBack NPS data has been integrated into BrightGauge, allowing partners to monitor customer sentiment effortlessly. This feature enables partners to gauge customer satisfaction levels and swiftly take action based on the feedback received. 

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Innovations  for ITBoost™, a ConnectWise company 

ITBoost introduced several significant updates and integrations to enhance the partner experience and streamline operations. Perhaps the most notable is the integration with BrightGauge, which enables users to gauge the health of their knowledge base and track article usage to ensure the information used by their teams is accurate and effective. Additionally, ITBoost implemented time-based one-time passwords, providing a secure and efficient method for managing client application passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.  

New one-click onboarding has simplified the process for our partners to get started with ITBoost. This feature allows seamless integration with ConnectWise PSA, enabling quick access to essential data and a smooth transition for new users. Additionally, you can improve customer experiences by making knowledge-based articles available to end-users and customers within the portal.  

These enhancements signify ITBoost's commitment to providing seamless and secure solutions for partners, ultimately improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

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Enhancing Remote Support with ConnectWise View™ 

ConnectWise View for PSA means you can provide top-notch remote service. Gone are the days of physical presence being mandatory for tech support. Now, you can share real-time visuals with customers to aid in issue resolution. Your team can access ConnectWise View right from the service ticket, making it easy for them to see what your customer sees through their phone's camera, capture screenshots and time entries automatically, ensure adherence to process, and deliver a smooth customer experience. Launch a ConnectWise View session right from within the ticket screen to enhance transparency and streamline processes. 

CSAT enhancements in Smileback™, a ConnectWise company 

In the past year, Smileback has introduced several significant enhancements. One notable addition is the introduction of project surveys for PSA, a customer feedback tool designed specifically for PSA projects. You can trigger surveys at strategic points during projects and gather and respond to valuable customer feedback in real time.  

Additionally, Smileback unveiled the CSAT for ConnectWise ScreenConnect feature, which offers instant feedback on remote support sessions. This functionality eliminates waiting for ticket closures, empowering you to capture feedback immediately after each session.  

Addressing a long-awaited update, Smileback also introduced a ticket automation for PSA that allows partners to determine when and how new tickets are created to streamline the process for managing customer support escalations. Negative CSAT reviews can now trigger the automatic creation of new tickets, ensuring swift resolution of customer issues.  

Fresh user experience for Service Leadership, Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution 

The Service Leadership Index introduced a fresh experience with an emphasis on online views of dashboard reports. Enhanced security, multi-user management, and the addition of coach-facilitator views provide a comprehensive approach to managing service operations. The inclusion of leadership action plans adds accountability and transparency to business growth strategies. 

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 We look forward to what's ahead in 2024! We invite you to join the conversation about changes and innovations in our industry in our virtual community