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Have You Checked Out Automate’s New UI?

Version 12 of ConnectWise Automate is generally available and it’s fabulous! With a new look and feel, the control center now mimics other ConnectWise products. It truly is a seamless, sweet experience! Let’s take a closer look at ways we are giving...

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Meltdown & Spectre: Where Are We at Now?

In our initial blog post around the topic, we brought you initial discoveries around Meltdown & Spectre and what ConnectWise was doing in response to the incident. Meltdown and Spectre still continue to dominate the security news and the more we delv...

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How to Retain STAR Employees: Part 3

It’s something unseen, yet palpable. That “je ne sais quoi” successful businesses have which brings the best employees through their doors and keeps them there: Atmosphere. In parts one and two of this series, we’ve talked about the importance of man...

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Overcoming the MSP Stereotype in 5 Steps

Some of the best clients on any technology solution provider’s radar might already have an in-house IT resource, and while you’re busy building relationships with the right people to get that contract signed, that in-house IT person may not know you ...

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How to Retain STAR Employees: Part 2

Ask any HR professional, and they’ll tell you good employee retention doesn’t just “happen.” It takes deliberate strategy and continual improvement. In Part 1 of our “How to Retain STAR Employees (Self, Team, Atmosphere, and Recharging)” series, we ...

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How to Retain STAR Employees: Part 1

When it comes to successfully building, managing, and growing your IT business, “turnover” is a word you don’t want to hear--unless you’re talking about breakfast pastries in the breakroom. Hiring and retaining quality employees is crucial to your bu...

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